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The Perfect Seam Allowance

Quilters often struggle with keeping an accurate ¼” seam. Garment sewers have always known that being just a tiny bit off the seam line can really impact the way a garment fits. That must be the reason that last pair of slacks were a little too tight!

Fortunately for all sewers there is a perfect answer to accurate seam widths. Edge sewing is a precise method of sewing that is available on the Brother Quattro. Any seam allowance from 1/16” to 1½” can be achieved accurately by the InnovEye™ edge sewing feature. Sure the seaming is convenient, but wait until you see the precision in topstitching. Just in case you like to stitch along a curved edge, it can do that too.

Your browser may not support display of this image. Edge sewing is very simple to set up. Select the icon

Your browser may not support display of this image. on the Quattro’s screen and directions will instantly appear.



The special V foot and the edge sewing sheet are both included with the machine. There are even extra copies of the special sheet just in case one gets misplaced.

After the items are in place press OK and the machine will ready itself for perfect seaming. Slide the fabric under the foot and watch the screen, when the screen displays the desired seam width put the presser foot down. Start sewing. It is not necessary to guide the fabric. The InnovEye system will keep the fabric at a precise seam width for the length of the fabric. Perfect strip piecing is a snap with this feature.

Did I mention there are a variety of stitches that will work with the Edge sewing feature? You really have to see this feature in action to believe how exciting it is. Come by any one of the Quality Sewing Stores and let them demonstrate this amazing feature for you.

Happy Sewing


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