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Tip from Reva: Decorative Stitching at Its Best

Pfaff Multi-Line Decorative Foot

Our machines have the most beautiful decorative stitches that are so fun to use and can add an artistic touch to your next project.

Here are a few tips that can help make your stitching have the most impact:

Stabilize - Decorative stitches are a form of embroidery and you will get the best results if your fabric is stabilized. This will help your stitches lay flat and reduce the possibility of the stitching pulling in on the fabric and tunneling under the foot. I prefer to use a lightweight tearaway stabilizer that is meant for decorative stitching (not hooped embroidery) that will easily and gently tear away from the bobbin thread, once finished, without damage to the threads. A stabilizer that has a light iron-on property is very useful to keep the stabilizer right where you want it and further controls the fabric that you are stitching on. My latest favorite is Alex Anderson's "Quilter's Select Tear Away". Use it for decorative stitching, crazy quilt stitching or machine applique. It is the best!!!

Pfaff Multi-Line Decorative Foot

Pfaff Multi-Line Decorative Foot

Draw a line and Use the right foot - It is easier to sew a straight line if you have one to follow. Use a wash-away marker or a Frixion Pen to draw a reference line on your fabric or use a seam line as your guide. Remember that it is easier to maintain a straight line if you aim out in front of the foot vs aiming at the needle. Does your machine have a laser guide built in? Use it! If not consider a foot like the Pfaff Multi Line Decorative Stitch Foot (Viking has one too); it has a reference mark way out in front of the needle and also has great markings on both sides of this large clear foot to easily maintain many straight rows of stitching. Using a foot that is designed for decorative stitches is a must! This allows the multiple stitches to pass freely under the foot and not get hung up.

Take your time - Remember to relax and not to rush. It is your machine's job to feed the fabric and create the stitch. Your job is simply to make sure that the fabric stays straight. DO NOT HELP FEED THE FABRIC. If you do, the resulting stitches can easily be skewed and inconsistent.

Have fun, play, & create,


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