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Tips from Reva: Make Mine "To Go"

Blue Fig Notions Bag

I love to learn something new and to take classes.

Especially if it is on one of my favorite subjects -

Sewing! Surely many of you feel the same way.

I always enjoy attending classes and retreats but have

never enjoyed gathering everything up (usually at

the last minute). Here is something that you may find

helpful and decrease the amount of prep time and rid

the stress of getting ready to pack the car.

Make yourself a "Sewing to Go Kit". I have had one at

the ready, in one form or another, for more than 20

years. What I have in my "To Go Kit" is a second set of

all of my favorite notions. Don't laugh, I know you have

duplicates of things too - some even on purpose! I

have scissors, fabric marking tools, rulers, small rotary

mat and cutter, pins, measuring tape, compact iron

and lots more! I even bought a spare power cord for

my sewing machine. Two great reasons: first, so I don't

have to crawl behind my sewing furniture to unplug

my cord and second, so I won't forget to pack it!

There are many different bags that are great for

holding notions. My first "To Go Kit" was a great little

zip around notion bag (similar to the Blue Fig NotionBag) that held pages with clear zippered sections that

can hold all sorts of great things.

Blue Fig Notions Bag Blue Fig Notions Bag

Pfaff Multi-Line Decorative Foot

My NEW favorite bag is the Brother Organizing Caddy. This thing is so cool.

It has space for all of my notions, a rotary mat and

fabrics. It has a stand up notion divider that I can set

by my machine for easy access and it even come with

a nice personal ironing surface. The Caddy easily slides

over the handle of my sewing machine trolley for easy


Brother Organizing Caddy Brother Organizing Caddy

Pfaff Multi-Line Decorative Foot

It is so much fun to get together with sewing friends,

whether at a class or a retreat. Take a little time and

prepare your own "Sewing to Go Kit". You will enjoy

your next sewing adventure even more and have

everything you need right at your fingertips.

Enjoy your sewing adventures,


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