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Brother ScanNCut: The Worlds 1st Cutting Machine with a Built-In Scanner!

Brother ScanNCut CM550DX Scanner and Cutter

Brother ScanNCut CM550DX Scanner and Cutter

Brother ScanNCut CM550DX

We're very excited for Brother's brand-new ScanNCut, in-stock now at all store locations!

Brother's ScanNCut is a cutting machine that can cut intricate designs out of various papers, fabrics for applique, stickers, and more, for a wide variety of crafting projects. But the ScanNCut is the first cutting machine in the world that has a built-in scanner so you can put your own designs directly into the machine!

There's no need to connect it to a computer to transfer designs, there's no need to put design cartridges into it to transfer designs; you don't need to transfer designs at all, because designs can come straight from whatever you scan into the machine itself.

How it works: See it, Scan it, Cut it, Create it

It really is just this simple!

Watch this video to see just how amazingly simple the ScanNCut is to use, and just how amazing your designs can be. The ScanNCut opens up whole new worlds of crafting possibilities that you might never have even thought of before!



Stop by your local Quality Sewing Center to see

The new ScanNCut in person!

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