How to Measure the Opening of your Cabinet for a Dream World Insert

There are 4 pieces of information that you will need in order to insure that you order a properly-fitting Dream World Acrylic Cabinet Insert for your sewing cabinet.

Cabinet illustration

1) The Brand & Model of your Cabinet

If you do not know the Brand of your cabinet, please choose "Custom Made/Unknown" from the drop-down menu:

Unknown manufacturer

If you know the Brand but do not know the Model, please leave the "Model" field blank.

2) Whether or Not Your Insert Will Need a Lip

A Lip is a part of an Insert that rests on the Cabinet Top.

Cabinet illustration

To determine if you need a Lip on your Insert, look down into your Cabinet Opening.

If down in the opening there is a Ledge (or perhaps just Corners) on which an insert could rest 1/4" below the Cabinet Top, then your insert does not need a Lip:

Cabinet illustration
Cabinet illustration

If, however, your Cabinet Opening does not have a Ledge or Corners down in it, then your insert does need a Lip.

3) The Measurements of Your Cabinet Opening

Once you have determined whether or not your Insert will need a Lip on it, then it is time to measure the Cabinet Opening

Measure across the widest part of the Cabinet Opening, from Front to Back.
Then measure across the widest part of the Cabinet Opening from Left to Right.

When measuring, try to be as accurate as possible. Some Dream World Inserts are measured to within 1/32".

Please measure across the Cabinet Opening flush with the Cabinet Top.

Imagine laying a yardstick (or tape measure) all the way across the Cabinet Top; the part of the Cabinet Opening that the yardstick crosses is what should be measured.

If your Cabinet Opening has a Ledge down in it, completely ignore the Ledge when taking your measurements:

Cabinet illustration

If you already have a different Insert for your same Cabinet, do not measure any pre-existing Insert to determine the measurements of your Cabinet Opening.

However, if you do have a previous insert from Dream World for your Cabinet, look to see if there is a Serial Number etched anywhere on it. If there is, please include that number with your order. There is an "Order Comments" field during the "Payment Information" step of the checkout process where you can enter the Serial Number.

Where to enter the serial number

4) Information About Your Machine

You will need to know the Make and Model of your machine, and whether or not you plan to use a Knee Lift with the machine.

A Knee Lift is an angled bar that can be inserted into a sewing machine (usually the front). You can tap the bar with your knee to raise and lower the presser foot. The reason we need to know this is because machines with knee lifts attached usually need to be positioned differently on the cabinet's lift than machines with out an attached knee lift, usually brought more forward and to the left so that the knee lift does not bump into the lift or anything else that might be below the cabinet. Because of this, Dream World cannot use their standard placement on machines that have an attached knee lift; they must re-position and reset their templates, which is why there is a $15 charge for machines that will be using a knee lift.

Have all the information that you need? Good! You're ready to Place Your Order.

If you're still having trouble figuring out which insert to order, please give us a call toll-free at 1-800-687-5175 and we'll be happy to answer any questions or take your order over the phone.