Instructor: Sharon Meeds

Some of us are lucky enough to have had a teacher that made a long term impact in our lives. For Sharon it was her Jr. High teacher that taught her to sew and started her life-long love of sewing. In the mid 1980’s she added quilting into her fabric arts mix and she still loves it.

Sharon enjoys meeting all the students that come to her classes and likes seeing them have fun while they learn. She says the best part is being the person to help foster their love of sewing. Retirement has offered Sharon freedom to choose what she wants to do each day and can often be found spending her time quilting, working on embroidery, hand-stitching and traveling. Sharon enjoys creating Disney motifs in her designs and will often work that into her classes when possible.

Come meet Sharon at one of her upcoming classes!

Quality Sewing is CLOSED annually on:
• New Years Day • Easter • Mother's Day • July 4th • Thanksgiving • Christmas Day