12 Days of Gifting Recap


Last month on our Facebook Page we ran a series of polls where we asked our fans various questions and you answered. Now at the beginning of 2012 we've compiled some of those polls into handy charts so we can all learn more about this great sewing community around us!

We asked, "What is a sewing technique that you've always wanted to learn or that still intimidates you." The clear winner was free-motion quilting! Zippers are also apparently rather intimidating, and there's a lot of interest in various applique, serger, and garment-making techniques. Here are the top 6 responses:


We also asked, "Do you do more machine embroidery or regular sewing projects?" Regular Sewing got just over half of the responses with 53.3%, while embroidery got 37.1%. 9.5% of you said that you sew and embroider an equal amount:


Then for fun we asked, "What is the longest time you've ever spent sewing one project?" A lot of you confessed that there have been projects that took 20 or more years to complete, and many are still UFOs (Un-Finished Objects)!


We asked what your favorite color is, and purple came back the clear winner with more than a quarter of you saying it was your favorite! Blue and red were distant second and third places:


Take a look at this pie chart and you'll see that purple and blue together make up almost half all by themselves!


We also wondered, "What sewing accessory or notion could you not work without?" The favorite response was a good pair of scissors, and Kai scissors were very popular. A lot of you admitted to needing a good seam ripper by your side! Here are the top 5 responses:


It's always interesting and fun to learn more about this sewing community that we're so grateful to be a part of. We want to thank each and every one of you for making 2011 such a wonderful year, and we hope to see all of you in 2012!

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