Serge your ‘art out: A serger-cally enhanced life

"Serge your ‘art out: A serger-cally Enhanced Life"

"Serge your ‘art out: A serger-cally enhanced life"

Coming up very soon we have a dynamic lady from Australia named Ann van der Kley coming to a few of our stores to inspire us. "Anne is a pioneer in contemporary textile techniques in the 21st century— her major tool, the humble overlocker."

Anne is a pioneer in contemporary textile techniques— her major tool, the humble overlocker.

At Sew Expo, I was fortunate to spend some time with Anne and I must say she is truly a delightful kick in the pants! She will keep you laughing!

Anne is so energetic and wonderful ideas just seem to gush from her! I wish I had had a big bucket with me to catch all of her ideas - unfortunately my bucket happens to have a hole in it and just doesn't seem to retain as much as I wish it would. I will try to remember to get a new bucket before she arrives at our stores!

If you are not acquainted with Anne, she is a "Fibre Artist, Author, Tutor, Edutainer in contemporary textile techniques". When you attend her seminar/trunk show, you will surely find yourself in amazement at the creative ideas she shares and the results she obtains from a serger. She has created ways to incorporate a serger with knitting, crochet, and even create all types of unique fiber masterpieces.

As you are waiting for her trunk show, make sure to check out her blog on her website.

Anne will be bringing a trunk show full of her innovative techniques and ideas to share with us. Take advantage of having Anne here in the states and learn how to open up the creative potential that are possible with your serger.

You won't want to miss her!

See you there!


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