News from the Viking Convention!

News from the Viking Convention!

Guest post from Lana L Jones

As we traveled to Reno for the Husqvarna Viking Convention the excitement of seeing the new Diamond Deluxe was on our minds. What features could they add that no one else has thought of yet? If you have a top-of-the-line machine, you know it has lots of the most technically-advanced features that make sewing and embroidery effortless, enjoyable, and extraordinary. What could they have added?

After we arrived at the Grand Sierra Resort, we were immediately directed into the Grand Theater for our dinner and the unveiling of the most marvelous machine on the market today, the Husqvarna Viking Diamond Deluxe.

Picture this: a Boeing 747 lands on the stage of the Grand Theatre, executives and educators deplane, each carrying a brand new Husqvarna Viking Diamond Deluxe. Marilyn Monroe starts singing “Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend.” Then, who should do the official introduction… the educator extraordinaire deplanes to a standing ovation… Sue Hausmann!!


As Sue goes over the incredible features the new Husqvarna Viking Diamond Deluxe and all the exciting products that have been created to ignite your sewing and embroidery projects, you can’t help but wish everyone could experience this very moment. As we feast on delicious desserts, Sue continues to dazzle us with more designs, new machines and fabulous software. We couldn’t wait for the next day so we could start playing with it all.

Tuesday finds us in front of the Husqvarna Viking Diamond Deluxe. What are the new features… what is all the excitement about… WOW! Thread Portioning and Thread Tension, design shaping, 1222 decorative stitches, 205 built in embroidery designs, on-screen embroidery customizing, undo!!!! There’s more... but I will just talk about the features that wowed me. For the rest, you will have to stop by to see them for yourself.

What are Thread Portioning and Thread Tension? We already know about thread tension. Thread Portioning is available for sewing and embroidery. It continually measures the thickness of the fabric to deliver the perfect amount of thread while stitching so both the front and back look superb. You can select thread tension or Thread Portioning, or set it on auto and let the beautiful Husqvarna Viking Diamond Deluxe take care of everything for you.

Design shaping uses decorative stitches or designs to build creative embroideries right on the beautiful Ultimate Interactive Screen. Made a mistake? Not a problem; you now have Undo! Yeah! The new Ultimate Interactive Screen is easier to navigate and the extremely high resolution allows you to see stitches in striking 3D precision.

Everything you love about Husqvarna Viking sewing machines is still there, just better and more! Stop by Quality Sewing and experience this amazing machine.

What’s in the new 5D Embroidery Suite Upgrade to 9.3? New Fonts, Super Fonts and mini designs, modify frames and lettering even after your right-click to set. And my favorites: create or modify designs for Cutwork Needles, and the Wave Fill. Amazing, fun, and super exciting changes that you have to see for yourself. If you want to take your embroidery to the next level you need software like this!

Our last night there was a hoot. The Viking Educators were split into three teams and given one hour, two machines, one with embroidery, and a bag of “stuff.” Their mission: to create a wearable outfit and use everything in the bag. This was so much fun to watch! Some of the effort, commotion, activity, merriment, hilarity… whatever you call it, was enjoyed by all attending.


Enjoy whatever sewing adventures you embark upon and stop by and show us the results.

Lana L Jones

Educational Consultant

Quality Sewing

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