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The Right Tool, The Right Time

A good tool is valuable; a great tool makes the job easier. A great tool always saves money in the long run because it saves time and frustration.

I bought my Brother PR 600 in 2004 and have always relied on its workhorse ethic. It has always been ready to tackle any job. In fact recently I was asked to complete an order for a shop that couldn’t complete in time to meet a deadline. The only issue occurred when the customer questioned why some hats were “cleaner and more precisely stitched” than others. The shop owner was quite distressed to find out that his customer preferred the hats that had been stitched on my machine!

Brother PR1000

The Brother PR1000

My machine has paid for itself a dozen times over. I have never seriously considered a different machine (even though I will confess to looking). New features became available, but I’ve never been seriously tempted to upgrade until now.

The new beauty that has caught my eye is the Brother PR 1000. It isn’t just the beauty of the design, the larger hoops, support table, new software integration features and new accessories that make it attractive. Isn’t that enough? Hooping an item consistently perfect is always a challenge, so I am confident the Innoveye™ camera will save me lots of rehooping time. The new hat hoop embroiders up to 14” wide – ear to ear without rehooping. This feature will also be a big time-saver for me. I can do the cap front and 2 side designs without rehooping!

Brother PE Design NEXT Software includes some amazing business features that are designed to save time:


Brother PE Design Next Software
      Brother PE Design Next Software
  1. Link: lets one computer control up to 4 PR 1000 or PR 650 machines. Each machine can be working on a different task with up to 100 designs in queue.
  2. Name drop: names can be typed or imported from a spreadsheet. The software will place them in the proper position in the design and save them all in one quick process. I used to do this task manually and I had created a routine to be efficient – this tool has reduced my design prep time by 90%
  3. Database provides printing a catalog of designs for customer viewing and selection. (This is huge because different design color and font choices may be printed–to be viewed by group members prior to a decision.) It has a special page that can be printed with all the design and item information included for easy filing in your records.
  4. It also includes manual and auto digitizing, photo stitch, impressive resizing capabilities, editing and much more.

Time=Money. Saving time in my work process will create more income for my family. I will be taking a PR 1000 home to join its older “Brother” in my sewing room. I’m looking forward to using the exciting new features.

Stop by one of the Quality Sewing locations and see this beautiful machine in action – it truly is amazing!

Happy Stitching!


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