Who are the "Stitching Sisters" you ask . .

They are only one of the most talented and fun Sister teams around! This dynamic duo is made up of Eileen Roche (embroidery innovator & Editor of Designs in Machine Embroidery Magazine) and Marie Zinno (sewing sensation & Eileen's real life sister).

Eileen and Marie, both, became infected with the love for sewing as young adults and have a fresh perspective on the craft.

Here are some fun facts about the Stitching Sisters:

  • Middle sisters of 6 girls – no boys.
  • They grew up playing on the beach of the Atlantic Ocean – in the small resort town of Wildwood Crest, NJ
  • Marie drinks coffee; Eileen drinks tea (which Marie thinks is nothing but a big hassle).
  • Eileen is older (by a lot of years); Marie is funnier than Eileen.
  • Eileen coaxed Marie into doing these types of events after Eileen’s appearance at Nancy Zieman's Sewing Weekend. Eileen fell in front of 200 people and broke a tooth off 10 minutes before presenting a seminar. After a few minutes of recovery, Eileen convinced Marie to go on stage and go through the seminar while Eileen narrated from the back of the auditorium. Marie survived and Eileen had a root canal right after the seminar (there is a dentist for the stars in Beaver Dam, WI).
  • Since their first experience as a team, Marie and Eileen have taught over 3,000 people across the United States.
  • To find out more about Eileen, check out her blog here!

If you love learning and love embroidery, you will LOVE the Stitching Sisters. Don't miss the fun this June 4th & 5th at the Puyallup Fairgrounds where Quality Sewing is hosting the Stitching Sisters phenomenal 2 day event! You can sign up here.

Can't wait to see you there!


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