Brother THE Dream Frame PRO Frame 2-Foot Extension Kit

Brother THE Dream Frame PRO Frame 2-Foot Extension Kit

Grace Quilter's Creative Touch 4 Automation Software

Grace Quilter's Creative Touch 4 Automation Software

Bernina Q-Matic Longarm Quilting Automation System

Discover BERNINA's state-of-the-art system for automated quilting. Quilt automatically on your Bernina Q 20 and Q 24 on classic or large frames.
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Discover BERNINA's state-of-the-art system for automated quilting
Quilt automatically on your Bernina Q 20 and Q 24 on classic or large frames.

• More than 600 designs included (incl. Art & Stitch)
• Art & Stitch and WiFi included
• Commands at your fingertips
• 21.5" all-in-one touch PC mounted to the side of the frame
• One-touch quick belt release system

Design customization and placement
• Adjust designs directly on screen with a touch of a finger using either Art & Stitch or Q-matic software
• For perfect design placement on your quilt or fabric, many useful features are readily available
• Align designs on your quilt or fabric horizontally or vertically on the top, bottom or centered
• Use the Boundary function to place a design into a block with a given margin
• Mask in the perfect tool to stitch out background fillers around an applique shape
• Clearly arranged user interface with task bar, tool bar, Q-matic secondary screens, quilt design area, design center and many additional commands

Easy Quilting
• Automated quilting in just a few simple steps
• Easy quilting, whether stitching out simple edge-to-edge designs or intricate custom patterns
• Includes over 250 designs from several renowned European and US Designers, including Lisa H. Calle, Keryn Emmerson, Amanda Murphy, Tula Pink, Patricia Ritter, Linzi Upton and Sarah Vedeler
• More than 350 additional designs included with Art & Stitch
• Multiple on-demand help functions for assistance in every step of creating and placing your quilting designs

Easy Access & Control
• 21.5" all-in-one touch PC mounted to the side of the frame guarantees comfortable access to all designing and placement features
• For ease-of-use, additonal sewhead interaction screens allow control of design stitch-out and placement directly with the sewhead
• Returning to the main screen is not necessary, making your quilting highly efficient

Freehand Quilting Any Time
• With one-touch quick belt release system
• Easy switch from automated to freehand quilting
• Due to the side mounted PC an the one-touch quick belt release system, the Q Series machine remains lightweight and maneuverable

• The power steering of Q-matic
• When activated, the belted machine head moves in all directions with ease and without additional force

Perfect Design
• The Q-matic system is flawlessly designed
• Meets the highest safety standards as it is UL(r) listed and approved
• Can be easily added to a Q Series on frame
• Enters world of automated quilting

Commands at Your Fingertips
• Plan your quilt in every detail with ease
• Basic features like save, copy, delete or import of designs and/or projects can be accessed in one or two clicks
• Precise Design Placement: Positioning has never been easier with the Grab & Drop function. Virtually attach a design to the sewhead needle and precisely drop it in your quilt blocks or set virtual markers for easy border placement
• Changing parameters like speed, upper thread tension or stitches per inch (SPI) during quilt-out are right at your fingertips
• Running out of bobbin thread or thread breakage can be easily solved with the guided recovery feature
• Use different view options to have the best overview of your quilting ideas

Art & Stitch and WiFi Included
• Design customization and/or digitizing with Art & Stitch, a powerful designing software for longarm quilters
• Access Art & Stitch directly on the touch screen to begin designing quilt designs from scratch or customize existing ones
• Trace and edit an image to your liking
• Create unique quilt patterns using options such as: creating an applique design or adding a creative fill or trapunto effect
• Upon completion, the design can be saved
• As a Q-matic owner, you receive dual activations for Art & Stitch allowing you to run it on a second PC or laptop
• The WiFi capability of Q-matic makes it easy to transfer designs from the PC or laptop to the Q-matic PC if both devices are connected to the home network

8 Things You'll Love:
• One-touch quick belt release system
• Simple switch between automated and freehand quilting
• Compact belt drive system (stepper motor with planetary gear)
• 21.5" all-in-one touch PC with Windows 10 Pro & WiFi connectivity
• Sewhead interaction functions
• More than 600 designs included
• Import any non-proprietary designs formats through Art & Stitch, .dxf and/or .bqm directly to Q-matic
• Art & Stitch quilt design & digitizing software included

Q-matic Design Customization Features:
• Create Safe Area
• Connect/Unconnect
• Copy/Delete
• Customize Design Center
• Different View and Zoom Options
• Mask
• Mirror
• More than 250 designs included
• Multiply
• Open Project/New Project
• Save/Delete Designs or Projects
• Set Quilting Speed
• Trim

Q-matic Design Placement Features:
• Align
• Boundary
• EasyGlide
• Flip
• Grab & Drop
• More/Less Repeats
• Nudge
• Realign Safe Area
• Resize
• Reverse Sew
• Rotate
• Sewhead Interaction
• Sew Options
• Thread Break Recovery
• Virtual Markers

Art & Stitch Features
• Create Applique Designs
• Create Cross Hatching, Wave Fills and Autostipple
• Create Vector Artwork
• Design Creative Fills
• Digitize from Clipart, Photos, Drawings
• Dual Activations for 2 Devices
• Edit Existing Designs
• More than 350 Designs
• Trapunto Effects
• Virtual Markers
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