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5D MultiWave Fill

5D MultiWave Fill

Have you upgraded your 5D software with the new FREE features Reva mentioned in our earlier blog post? They are amazing! The MultiWave Fill is powerful and beautiful. This impressive technique allows you to do fills with a default wave fill, or change the wave to any creative style you wish. By changing the line that controls the wave you can build movement into your design, add softness to the wave, intensify, overlap, or create an effect that is totally your own idea.

In the examples below, you will see three of the many ways you can create. Example A shows the default MultiWave Fill. Example B shows the default wave was not only manipulated with new curves, but you can also do straight lines and corners. Example C shows using Motifs in the MultiWave Fill, and there are hundreds of gorgeous decorative motifs in this software. You can also tell the software to wave in multiple directions.

You are the artist and 5D MultiWave Fill is your paint and brush. Capture your inner artist (no art class needed) and create something exciting, stitch it out and send us a picture for our Facebook page.

To get you started, here is a link to the Spring Leaf design above for you to stitch out, zipped for easy download:


Let me know what you think!!

If you would like to see this software, stop by one of our stores for a demo. You will be delighted at how easy this software is to use. If you have the software already, we offer classes to get you using this valuable tool. Take your embroidery to the next level with great software.

Enjoy your sewing adventures!

Lana L Jones

Educational Consultant

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