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Costume Making Tips

Costume Making Tips

It’s that time of year where the kids are back to school and the weather is encouraging us to get our sweaters out of storage. Along with that, it is time to start thinking about costumes for our sweet little ghosts and goblins (or maybe ourselves). Do you remember when costumes were made up of more imagination than merely a receipt from the closest store? I only recall having a store-bought costume once. Let's bring back the joy, anticipation and fun of planning and executing custom costumes (not to mention creating memories).

Costuming has grown so much with the popularity of Cosplay and other fun for all ages costume events. Thankfully, the resources available have also grown too. From patterns to unique fabrics, we now have so much to choose from. It is important to have the proper tools to make this creative adventure a blast!

Sharp fabric scissors - with the challenge that some fabrics bring, having a great pair of scissors is a must. If working with bulky or just plain odd fabrics, consider adding a specialty scissor that is up to the task like the spring loaded "Cosplay Snips" from RNK.

Pins & clips - I love using extra fine silk pins with glass heads for anything that is going to be ironed that is a thin to normal weight. If my project is heavy (even for quilt bindings and bags) I prefer to use "Wonder Clips" - match the clip size to the task.

Fabric glue - some things just don't cooperate. This is when I reach for my "QS Glue Stick". Okay, I reach for this more than I do pins anymore, but hey, I love this stuff!! This goes on yellow, so it is visible on all fabric colors, and quickly dries clear so it doesn't gum up your needles.

Needles - Now is the time to get prepared. Pick up a nice variety so you are ready to go no matter what fabric is thrown at you. Did you know that inside each package of Klasse' needles there are needle tips?

Other fun! Look at this fabulous picture of Carmen and her family from last year's Halloween. How creative is that?! The family went as S'mores! Carmen used the "ScanNCut" to cut the letters for her little Hershey bar from "Brother Sticker Vinyl". I can hardly wait to see what they decide to do this year! Speaking of the "ScanNCut" did you hear that there is a new model arriving soon? All I can say is WOW! The new ScanNCut DX automatically senses how thick the item is that you want to cut and sets the blade depth for you! No more guessing. AND the new ScanNCut DX can use rolls of material so it can cut a design up to six feet long. I bet Carmen wishes that she had had this last year, instead of cutting out one or two letters at a time.

Remember to plan ahead for the fun of costume season. Often this all happens at the very last minute and can be stressful. Having the right tools, and a well-maintained machine, on hand will help you feel more comfortable and ready to conquer the world, or at least help a band of little pirates or super heroes to do so.

Happy Sewing,


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