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Reva's Tips: When Technology & Creativity Combine

Reva's Tips: When Technology & Creativity Combine

Not everyone is a “techie” but did you know that embroidery software is a wonderful tool for every sewist?

I have been using embroidery software since it came on a floppy disk and was DOS-based. Let me tell you, that was not fun stuff to use. In fact, when more modern software came out I was so happy to leave the DOS stuff behind!

Embroidery software can let you create your own designs, which is really fun. However, I find myself using the software much more for customizing the designs I have purchased. Working on a computer vs the machine has advantages.

• Using a mouse on a larger computer screen is so convenient

• Easily change the size and position of the design, just click and drag

• Pick specific colors from many different brands and see the results in realistic 3D

• Add lettering. Use your keyboard to type what you want. Arrange, arc, and size as desired. Not to mention most software has 100+ fonts to choose from or you can even use the fonts on your computer.

Embroidery software pretty much does similar things no matter what brand it is and works great no matter which brand of machine you own (even if it is not the same brand as your machine). However, there are unique and special features to each one.

For example: Brother PE Design11

This software has all the basic things we discussed above. Here are a few things that it has that make it unique.

• Resizing a design. It can change the density of the stitches so the design will stitch out beautifully at its new size.

• Wizards that automatically convert artwork to stitches, create Applique and even turn photos into beautiful embroidery (my favorite!). All these are done with just a couple of clicks of the mouse.

• Create your own custom decorative stitches for the machine (Brother)

• Add stippling and echo quilting around your design with just a click.

• Pick from dozens of decorative quilting fills. In fact, you can even make your own.

I encourage you to use embroidery software to uniquely customize your next project so that it is exactly what you want it to be.

Happy Sewing,

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