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All I want for Christmas is a Sewing Machine

All I want for Christmas is a Sewing Machine

Brother NS40

“All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth”…..was an old song – but a phrase heard often lately is “All I want for Christmas is a sewing machine.” It seems like all ages are expressing a huge desire to learn to sew!

There are many wonderful choices for the perfect sewing machine to place under the Christmas tree. One such machine is the Brother NS40. "Fashionistas” are familiar with the machine from its tie to the popular reality fashion show Project Runway. Santa loves it because it is a reliable, easy to use, powerful machine that will bring happy memories of a wonderful Christmas for decades to come. Careful shoppers often check some of the consumer research magazines for advice on making a wise purchase. The Project Runway NS 40 has a large supply of awards and recommendations to its credit. It is currently featured on the cover of Consumer Reports Magazine.

This handy machine has the power to tackle hemming blue jeans and the finesse to handle chiffon or silk. It has an automatic needle threader and a drop-in bobbin. When a stitch is selected, it comes up with the proper length and the correct width to stitch perfectly, but it can be adjusted to suit your personal taste. It has a nice assortment of included feet, including one for perfect one-step buttonholes in five different styles. It has an auto tie-off stitch program and it can sew without the foot controller being used. This feature is excellent for a beginner because it allows the speed control to be adjusted to super slow and if the foot controller is used it won’t let it go too fast.

This is only one of the truly excellent sewing machine choices that are available for you to choose from at Quality Sewing locations. Did you know that if your purchase is made at Quality Sewing you will be receiving FREE lessons on how to operate the new machine? Now that is an extra special gift for any recipient. As an added bonus, Brother is offering a $30.00 additional discount on this machine through December 6th, 2010! Drop by any one of the stores and let one of the expert elves assist you in selecting the perfect sewing machine for your gift giving this year.

Happy Stitching!


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