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Easter Weekend Sewing Projects Roundup

Marshmallow Peep Bunnies

Well, it's Easter weekend, so just as I did for Valentine's Day, I've compiled some of my favorite free tutorials and patterns for Easter sewing projects! Take a look at these and let them inspire you:


  1.  Easy Bunny Candy Pouch Tutorial
  2.  Plush Easter Egg Sewing Tutorial
  3.  Bunny Bag Pattern
  4.  Jellybean Garland Tutorial
  5.  Zakka-Inspired Rabbit Bag Tutorial
  6.  Baby Bunny Hat Tutorial
  7.  Quilted Easter Bunny Basket
  8.  Bunny Toss Game Sewing Tutorial
  9.  Floppy-Eared Bunny Purse Pattern
  10.  Easter Dishtowel Skirt Tutorial
  11.  Marshmallow Chick Plushies Tutorial
  12.  Marshmallow Bunnies Sewing Tutorial

What are your sewing projects for this year’s Easter? Share in the comments please, or email a photograph to or post it on our Facebook wall. And if you try any of these projects, please let us know how they turned out!

Happy Easter Sewing!


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