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Effortlessly Scan Images for Embroidery with the New Flip Pal Mobile Scanner

Effortlessly Scan Images for Embroidery with the New Flip Pal Mobile Scanner

Flip Pal Mobile Scanner

I just returned from a trade show in Las Vegas and I'm excited to share with you the neatest thing that I saw there. Brother has just came out with a brand new hand held portable scanner. You can quickly and easily scan photos and other images without a computer connection. Use the scanned images to create beautiful, realistic, embroidered works of art. Take your scanned image and digitize it with digitizing software like the new Brother PE Design Next and then embroider it! PE DESIGNS photo stitch program has always been exceptional and this new scanner takes it to the next level. This thing is really cool! It has a hinged cover and can be used as a regular scanner. Or remove the cover and place it upside down on top of a page to scan items

Scan Images in Books, Magazines & Scrapbooks Easily

that you may have in a frame, album, book, magazine or scrapbook. It scans very quickly, is cordless, and needs no connection to a computer. The images that you scan can be sent to your computer with the included memory stick. Then use embroidery software to create an embroidery design in just a few clicks. Stitch into a beautiful, realistic embroidery works of art using a Brother embroidery machine. Can you imagine taking those great pictures that you have and turning them into a beautiful and touchable works of art that can be passed down to your family? If you want to see it for yourself the first sneak preview will be at Sew Expo later this week in our Brother Booth in the Pavilion Building, booths 125-128. I am sure that you will be as amazed as I was!


Original Photo


Photo Digitized & Stitched Out


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