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Free Project: Needle Carrying Case

Inside Carrying Case with Needles

As seen in the September Sew Fun Presentation: This soft case is for all of those needles you take out of your machine and want to use again, but don’t want to put back in the package because they aren't “new” anymore. It has a printed grid so you can store and find exactly what you are looking for when you need it. The cover of this case can be a plain piece of fabric, a favorite embroidery, or something you embellish anyway you choose.


• Cover fabric – 9” × 12”

• Batting, 9” × 12” low-loft like Warm & Natural or equivalent

• Printed grid - Enclosed PDF file printed on Printed Treasures or equivalent 8.5” × 11”

Exterior of the Carrying Case

Exterior of the Carrying CaseDirections:

Print the grid on Printed Treasures, let dry, remove the paper (heat with an iron if the paper sticks and peel warm) rinse and set ink with an iron. Please follow the manufacturer’s directions for the brand of printable fabric you choose to use.

Embroider or otherwise embellish the cover fabric. I used a mylar sewing machine design from the Purely Gates collection Swirly Sewing Designs to do my sample. You could also use some of your machine's programmed stitches for this project. Keep in mind this project is only half of a page in size when complete, so plan your design accordingly.

Place the cover fabric right side down on the table. Layer in the batting, and on top put the printed grid page right side up.

Inside Carrying Case with Needles

Inside Carrying Case with NeedlesI stitched once down the center on a grid line about where it will fold in half to secure the pieces. Baste around the outside edge, trim and bind with your favorite binding method. I used Bias tape on my sample.

Now that it is complete, you can fill it with needles according to the appropriate type and size. I also keep a brightly colored pin as a place holder in the grid of the size needle I currently have in my machine that way I always know which needle I’m sewing with.

Happy Sewing,

Gail M.


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