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Happy Halloween Project: Minkee Monsters!

Happy Halloween Project: Minkee Monsters!

Minkee Monsters: they are oh-so-soft, cuddly, and cute (with just a tiny dash of scary).

 Minkee Monsters

Minkee Monsters: Embroidered Plush!

If you are looking for a quick and simple project for a special little one, then we have just the right one for you. We are really excited to bring you a tutorial for these furry little creatures. Minkee Monsters are destined to be a crowd-pleaser for the whole family to enjoy. I’m so excited to show you guys how to make these, so lets not delay any longer. Here we go:

Supplies needed:

 Now that you have everything together let’s get started!

  1. Transfer design of your choosing in to your machine.
  2.  Hoop a single layer of No Show Mesh stabilizer.
  3. Lightly spray stabilizer with temporary adhesive. Place a piece of your Minkee fabric on top of stabilizer and let your machine stitch out the first color, which is called a “Placement Stitch”   
    Step 3: Placement Stitch 
  4.  Remove hoop from the machine and lightly spray a piece of water soluble topping with spray adhesive (piece of topping should be at least 1 inch bigger than placement stitch) and place on top of fabric.
  5. Put the hoop back on the machine and stitch out the rest of the colors EXCEPT the last one (the last color change is the "Seam Stitch").

    Step 5: Stitch out your Monster
  6. Once you have stitched out all the colors (except the last one), remove the hoop from the machine. Do not take fabric out of the hoop.
  7. Gently remove as much topper as you can and cut any jump threads if you have any (but do not wet the topper at this time; we will do that later).
  8. Place your second piece of Minkee right side down directly over your other design. If you want you can pin or tape the corners so your fabric doesn’t move.

    Step 8: Add 2nd Piece of Minkee
  9.  Reattach the hoop once again and stitch out the final stitch which is called a “Seam Stitch”. This will stitch through both layers of Minkee.
    Step 9: Seam Stitch
  10. Remove hoop from embroidery machine. Now is when you will remove fabric from hoop.
  11.  Using embroidery scissors, trim as close as possible to the Minkee Monster (without cutting through the Seam stitch).
    Step 11: Cut out your Monster!
  12.  Once you have trimmed the excess fabric off, very carefully make a slit about 1½" long in the back of the Minkee Monster.
  13.  Turn right-side out, and if necessary use a point turner or tool to push out corners and curves.

    Step 13: Turn right-side out
  14.  Now stuff the Minkee Monster with the polyester stuffing (stuff as full as you want; there’s no over-stuffing these cuties).
    Step 14: Stuff!
  15.  Ok, here it is: you now have to hand-stitch the back slit closed. I promise it really doesn’t take long and is almost painless.
  16.  Make sure to remove any excess topping at this time and voila! You have a perfect, little, scary (yet cuddly) friend for your little lovelies at home!!


The Finished Minkee Monster!


And that's it! It really is very simple. If you make any Minkee Monsters of your own, we'd love to see photos! You can email them to

Thanks, and happy sewing!


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