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Personalize Every Gift with Unique Gift Tags

Personalize Every Gift with Unique Gift Tags

Anita Goodesign Christmas Gift Tags

The perfect touch to a Holiday gift is the presentation. A beautiful wrapping job can add so much anticipation and joy. One thing that I find frustrating is that so much effort and resources go into our holiday wrapping, just to be thrown away. If there were only…

I enjoy creating things that are quick and fun to make and the Anita Goodesign Gift Tags fit the bill! These are perfect little touches to a special gift, or they can be a gift all in themselves.

On the CD for the gift tags you will find complete step by step instructions. Here you will find my tips for creating the tags that I made:

  • In the instructions, you will find that they suggest using a 5x7 hoop for one design. If you rotate the design 90 degrees, you can easily fit 2 in one hoop. I chose to use the large hoop for my multi-needle machine so that I could do four at one time. Hoop a piece of tearaway stabilizer in the hoop and stitch out the placement lines for your tags.

  •  I used a fabric glue stick to hold the pieces of fabric in place while I stitched down the tack down stitches and decorative stitches.

  •  When all of the decorative stitching is complete, it is time to place the backing fabric on the under side of the hoop. Use Floriani Embroidery Perfection Tape (I call this “Pink Tape”) to hold your fabric in place. It is very sticky, can be used multiple times and does not leave a residue on your fabric.
  •  This is where I chose to customize my tags: I added a strip of fabric (folded lengthwise with wrong sides together) over the back of three of the tags, leave about an inch space from the edge of the fold to the hole end of the tag. This creates the perfect pocket for a gift certificate or money.
  • I chose to add a piece of clear vinyl over the backing fabric of the tree design. This created a re-writable surface when using an overhead transparency pen like a Vis-a-Vis.
  • When the back has been stitched on, you will want to take your time and carefully trim away all of your excess fabric. You want to trim close on top and bottom with out clipping the thread.
  • Wind a bobbin to match your embroidery thread and stitch the edges of the tags.
  • Once all of the stitching is completed, carefully tear away the stabilizer and trim open the hole.
  •  Use a ribbon to tie them to your packages or hang them from your tree.


Holiday Gift Tags

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