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New Video: Embroidering Multiple Designs on a Pashmina Scarf

Carmen & Reva model embroidered pashmina

Carmen & Reva model embroidered pashmina. Carmen & Reva model embroidered pashmina.

Congratulations, Genelle!

Pashmina scarves are a great accessory. But they can be made to be even greater with embroidery. Watch our new video where Reva guides you through how to place multiple embroidery designs on a pashmina scarf:

For this project, Reva used a couple of very useful products:

Wet 'n' Gone Stabilizer

Reva used Floriani Wet 'n' Gone Stabilizer so that after she was finished with her embroidery she could simply wash the stabilizer entirely away, leaving no residue or bits of stabilizer stuck in the embroidered designs. We offer several varieties of Wet 'n' Gone stabilizer here.

Wet 'n' Gone Wet 'n' Gone Stabilizer

Congratulations, Genelle!

Rayon Thread

Reva used rayon embroidery thread because of its softness so that the finished embroidery designs would not interfere with the natural draping of the pashmina. We offer several collections of Madeira Rayon thread here.

Rayon Thread Rayon Embroidery Thread

Congratulations, Genelle!

Have you ever successfully embroidered on Pashmina? We'd love to know about it.

Happy sewing!

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