New Viking Diamond Deluxe and new Deluxe Stitch System

New Viking Diamond Deluxe and new Deluxe Stitch System

Have you ever heard of Thread Portioning?

Until recently, I had never heard of this technology either. Thread portioning is a patented thread delivery system just introduced on the brand-new Viking Designer Diamond Deluxe. What is it? It’s a very clever system for delivering exactly the right amount of thread – the correct portion – for every stitch, embroidery design, and fabric. The engineers at Viking have been working on this technology for almost ten years and introduced it to the world at the Viking Dealer Convention last week. I had the opportunity to attend the convention and spend an afternoon hands-on with this incredible new machine.

We started by sewing a wide satin stitch and admired the uniform, slightly pulled underside... a perfect satin stitch. We got to test various stitch combinations and learned that the portioning system spools the perfect amount of thread for each stitch and varies automatically with changes to width and length of stitch. What if the fabric is extra thick, sheer or has a deep pile like velvet? The thread portioning system compensates by monitoring the thickness of the fabric from the sensor foot along with the exact location of the thread knot making a perfectly formed stitch no matter which fabric we chose.

For the next project we embroidered a flower motif onto a sheer scarf. During embroidery you really see the positive stitching performance of the thread portioning system. We used matching metallic threads on both top and bottom. Even though the thread was extremely fragile, we did not experience the thread breakages I would have expected. The most impressive thing however was the beautiful embroidery stitches that were uniform top and bottom. If it weren’t for the wash-away stabilizer on the bottom it would have been difficult to determine which side was top and which side was bottom!

-Paul LaPonte

Owner of Quality Sewing & Vacuum

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