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Participate in National Tie One On Day: Sew an Apron!

Dish Towel Apron

Apron Memories: Tie One On - An Apron Of Course !

What is National Tie One On Day? It's a grassroots effort to help those in your community who are a little less fortunate this Thanksgiving season.

Here's how to participate: On the day before Thanksgiving, Wednesday the 23rd this year, make or buy some sort of baked good: a loaf of tasty bread, muffins, a pie, etc. Wrap it up in an apron and tuck in a nice note. Tie on your own apron (hence "Tie One On"), then walk out your front door and personally give it to someone in your community—next door, up the street, downstairs—and if you're feeling particularly giving you could do this multiple times to multiple people!

The whole point of Tie On Day is to put the "give" back into Thanksgiving. It's a wonderful way to bring your local community closer together by sharing your good fortune in the form of food and an apron. Who wouldn't love some baked goods and a new apron?

If you don't have a spare apron handy to give away, you can always make one. It's very easy to sew an apron, and giving a hand-made gift is much more personal and rewarding than giving someone something you bought from a store.

I've found many free tutorials on how to sew your own aprons. Here are some of my favorites:


Dish Towel ApronDish Towel Apron

From Martha Stewart.

This is an extremely easy and satisfying apron made from two dish towels. There are even a couple of pockets in the front. An added bonus is that dish towels are usually already hemmed, so it saves you a ton of work!


Speedy T-Shirt into ApronSpeedy T-Shirt into Apron

From Instructables.

Most everybody has old T-shirts lying around, and this is a great way to re-purpose one into a bib-less apron. You can sew a pocket onto it using scraps of fabric!


Men's ApronMen's Apron

From Needle Book.

In case your recipient isn't quite into pretty or frilly aprons, here's a great tutorial on how to make an apron that is more man-appropriate.

If none of these apron designs are to your liking, has compiled a list of 50 Free Apron Tutorials, so there's bound to be something there for you!

You can find out more about National Tie One On Day at the official website: National Tie One On Day at Apron Memories. It's a great opportunity to put your sewing machine to use for a good cause.

Happy Sewing,



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