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PE Design Next

A photo stitch created in PE Design NEXT

PE Design Next is an easy to use, complete software package that includes: Photo Stitch, Auto digitizing, Digitized fonts plus all the True Type fonts on your computer, Easy editing of existing designs, Resizing with recalculation of stitches, Full manual digitizing tools and much more. If you already own PE Design Version 5, 6, 7 or 8, the good news is you just need an PE Design Next upgrade to have all the new features of Next.

All these exciting features come in a new easy to use format. All the tools are quickly available at your fingertips through use of the “ribbon” style that is familiar from other software programs. The important editing windows stay open for easy access – unless you decide to close them for even greater work space. There are 10 full tutorials to make learning easy. An included design library provides 500+ designs and a template library includes 225 easy to use templates.

Brother’s Photo Stitch has always been the best in the industry for doing photos as embroidery. It is very simple to use and creates beautiful results with the click of a mouse. It also provides sophisticated editing tools for those who would like to use them.

The automatic resizing with accurate recalculation of stitches is a great tool that does a superb job even when adjusting

It is easy to “remove overlaps” when stippling around a design so the stitching does not cover your beautiful design

programmable fills or motif stitches. Motif and programmable fill stitches are built-in, but if you want one that is not available in the program it is a simple matter to create it yourself using the integrated program. My personal favorite stitch is the stippling stitch, because my stippling looks perfect when I do it in the embroidery hoop! The stippling can be varied to nearly any size. It is also possible to add a motif stitch spaced throughout the stippling for an exciting new look.

100 digitized Fonts. This includes 5 small text fonts that are digitized to stitch out perfectly at about 1/4”. All regular & true type fonts can be used in making monograms which work nicely with the included monogram decorations. There is even a special program (Font Creator) that will actually “digitize” a true type font the way you would if you were manually digitizing it. With this tool all of the true type can be made to stitch out perfectly. An outline may be added around any font with just one click on the keyboard. The outline can be one of many different types of stitches. The fill of the letter may also be changed to many different styles including motifs, programmable fills or even for use as an appliqué.

Auto-digitizing is a quick way to get a great design. The software digitizes it so you can see how it will look when finished and you still have full editing capabilities to make adjustments as desired. The powerful editing tools can also be used on designs that come from other sources. Just how many times have you thought “Oh I would love that design if …” well you can use the editing tools to make it be exactly the way you want it. Full manual digitizing tools are included in case you want to try your hand at that.

This complete program offers tools for all levels of embroiderers from beginner to advanced commercial digitizing. All the tools are available in one package. Stop by your Quality Sewing location for additional information about this excellent program.

Happy Stitching!


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