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PE Next For Your Business

PE Next For Your Business

Increase your productivity – which increases earning potential, by using the exciting new business features included in the Brother PE Design Next Software program.

One labor saving item is the Link feature. Link is available when using PE NEXT with the PR 1000 or PR 650. (Free update for the PR 650 and 650C available on Brothers website, this update includes the link capability.) Link lets one computer to manage a combination of up to four PR 1000’s or PR 650’s. Each machine can be working on a different project. The computer will receive a status report from each machine and it can send up to 100 designs in queue, so the designs are lined up for the next project.

The View Font Funtion

The View Font function is a favorite of mine! Many people want a certain font, but they don’t know the name of the font. With this function it is possible to type in the desired word, select fonts and the word will be displayed in every available font including True Types. Just select the font style that matches the one needed. Additional digitized fonts have been added for a total of 100 fonts. The 5 small lettering fonts have been digitized to stitch perfectly at approx ¼”.

An outline in many styles of stitching may be added to any font with one click on the computer. A simple straight stitch or bean stitch outline in a contrasting color will really make the embroidered letters stand-out. Multiple styles of stitching are available for Font fills too. One very popular look is using a motif fill to create interest and durability in the stitching. It is possible to create any desired motif to use as a fill.

"Name Drop" Function

Another big time saver is the “Name Drop” function. There are 200 design templates included for quick set up. It is also very simple to set up a name drop template of your own. Once a design is set-up, select the wording or numbers that need to changed in each design then select “name drop” and a spread sheet will pop up on your computer screen. Type in the names or numbers in order and the software will do the rest. It will insert the name in the correct size and correct position and save it to a folder in the order it was typed in. If the list of names is already available in a spreadsheet, that information may be imported directly into the software. This feature is a gigantic time-saver for those who do personalized items for groups.

We always seem to want to embroider designs that are larger than the hoops that fit our machine. PE NEXT can divide any design (up to 100cm x 100cm) into segments that match your hoops. It will insert realignment lines for easy match-up. A very special 14” x 14” hoop fits the PR 1000. The software will split a design for this hoop, then use the PR 1000’s Innoveye™ system to magically realign the parts of the design. There is no thinking, no guessing – there is 100% accuracy!

Seeing is Believing! You just have to see the magic of the Innoveye™ as it does the realignment for the jumbo hoop. Drop by Quality Sewing Centers and watch the snowman© perform this new magic. Your productivity will increase quickly with these new tools.

Happy Stitching!


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