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Quick & Easy Halloween Tutorial Round-Up

Halloween Elphoba Witch Hat

Halloween is on Monday! If (like some of us) you're a little behind on making costumes for you or your family, don't worry; I've scoured the web and here I present a handful of simple project tutorials that you can easily complete over the weekend!

For Little Girls: Elphoba Witch Hat

From Momtastic comes this tutorial for how to make a delightful little girl's witch hat that has some lovely floret details on it to set it apart from all those store-bought witch hats.

Head over to Momtastic and read the whole tutorial here.

For Little Boys: Easy Halloween Cape Tutorial

This cape tutorial from Plaid Apple is very easy; you can probably complete a cape in just a few minutes. It can also be modified to be either a superhero cape or a vampire cape with a collar.

Check out this tutorial over at the Plaid Apple website.

Grown-Up Witch Tutu Skirt Tutorial

From the How I Keep Sane Blog is this nifty tutorial on how to make a custom tulle tutu. You can use dark colors for a witch costume or bright colors for a fairy costume, or any color combination you can imagine! Pair with some decorative tights to complete the look.

You can also easily scale this down to make it for a little girl (try pairing it with the witch hat tutorial for a complete costume). Find the whole tutorial over at the How I Keep Sane Blog.

Grown-Up Beekeeper Costume

From the inimitable Martha Stewart comes this is a great costume for dad. Just use some painter's coveralls and work gloves you can get at a hardware store (see, he gets to go shopping at a hardware store for Halloween—he'll love it) and a few other easy accessories, and you've got a simple and comfortable costume!

Head over to Martha Stewart's website for the full tutorial.

Easy Doggie Costumes

Don't forget your four-legged friends this Halloween! Lark Crafts has a handful of easy dog costume tutorials, all based on doggie t-shirts.

Halloween Doggie Costumes

You can download the whole tutorial here!

Home Decor: Bat Mobile

Don't forget to dress up your home for Halloween, too. The Sew4Home website has this super-easy tutorial that will have bats hanging from your home in no time!

Read the full tutorial over at the Sew4Home website.

Just for Fun: Mustache on a Stick!

I just couldn't resist this one: Martha Stewart shows you how to create a Mustache on a Stick!

Here's the full tutorial on Martha Stewart's website.

Pacific Fabrics Round-Up

In case you missed Pacific Fabrics' email newsletter (or if you don't subscribe to it yet), here is a round-up of downloadable projects that they have:

Spooky Felt Silverware Holders - Download PDF

Tricks, Tips & Treats for Halloween - Download PDF

Rustic Pumpkin Table Runner - Download PDF

Spider Pop Party Favors - Download PDF

Happy Scarecrow Pencil Topper - Download PDF

And there you have it. Hope everyone has a happy (and safe) Halloween! If you're sewing anything this year, please feel free to tell us about it in the comments, or even email us a photo or two that you'd like us to share with everyone, or post them directly on our Facebook page!

Happy Sewing,


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