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Reva's Tip: Add a Little Sparkle To Your Life!

Reva's Tip: Add a Little Sparkle To Your Life!

Everyone loves a little bling! Whatever the project, birthdays, weddings, holidays or just for fun, a bit of glitter really makes a project better. There is a brand new product from OESD that I am really excited about.

Let’s get to the nitty gritty of the NEW Luxe Sparkle Vinyl from OESD. This stuff is soooo pretty and different from any other glitter material that I have seen. It is perfect for traditional appliqué, machine embroidered appliqué and just fun accents on projects.

What is it? Before we answer this question, let’s look at the common style of glitter vinyl we see today. Most glitter vinyls have a heat set adhesive on the back side and they are great with iron on applications or appliqué projects where it is first stitched and then ironed to adhere it to the base fabric. This is great, but the product is dependent on being placed on top of another fabric.

Luxe Sparkle Vinyl is just as pretty but is more versatile. It has the high shine of vinyl but the sewability of fabric. You will find the Luxe is very flexible due to its fabric backing and is not stiff or “plastic-y”. Since it is a fabric at heart, it can not only be used for appliqué, but also as trim or other decorative sewing applications. Luxe also does not require fusing onto the base fabric.

Here are some amazing features of the Luxe Sparkle Vinyl:

Smooth Surface with High Shine - the high shine surface provides the most sparkle from the glitter

Glitter is Sealed in - no shedding and no stray pieces of glitter everywhere Machine Washable - take it from a “spiller” this is great news!

Cloth Backing - use it for more than just applique!

Iron Safe - WHAT? You read that right! Personally I would still be cautious and use a lower temp iron.

10 Color Choices - who doesn’t love options? A sparkly color box is right up my alley

My thoughts? If you give this a try, you are going to love it! Use it in place of fabric for your next embroidery applique or even as a wristlet strap on your next zippered bag.

Happy Sewing,


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