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Reva's Tip: Quick Gifts

Reva's Tip: Quick Gifts

Reva's Tip: Quick Gifts

When life gets busy and I really need a creative fix to keep my sanity a small project is perfect solution, especially as the Holidays approach. That's when it is so much fun to make a project that can be done in a shorter period of time. I just love instant gratification, don't you? Quick projects like these are great for more than just the joy of making them. When complete you will have a lovely gift just waiting for that perfect someone. Here are my tips for making quick projects even more efficient:



  1. Cut more than one set of materials so multiple projects can be completed at the same time. Using this assembly line technique, you will find that completing a couple of projects does not actually take much more time than making just one.



    1.  Have basic needs on hand for those last minute "need-to-haves." These are my personal favorites:
    Aerofil Thread by Madeira for sewing (it is very strong and stitches well).
    Quilter's Select Perfect Cotton Plus thread for piecing (60 weight 100% Cotton).
    Invisible Thread in both Smoke and Clear (Quilter's Select has a new one that is very nice, 100% Polyester and a fine 120 weight).
    Quilter's Select Glue Stick: a perfect pinning alternative! (dries clear, quickly and washes out).
    Serrated Scissors are great for many different fabric types (I keep a pair of Kai 6½″ Patchwork Scissors at my machine, to-go bag, and cutting table all the times).
    Stabilizers: the gotta-have trio for embroidery are No Show Mesh, Wet N Gone, and a Medium Tearaway.
    Embroidery Threads: Stock up now, especially on Holiday colors as they are in high demand this time of year.
    Print & Piece by Quilter's Select: a printable, water soluble paper that is perfect for transferring pattern pieces and paper piecing patterns.
    Batting: it seems that a light batting is used in many small projects, so keep those scraps.
    Small projects are great for more than just the Holiday season. They are easily personalized by a custom color pallet, fabric print with a person's likes, or with their initials. Keep a handmade gift or two on hand for when a friend's birthday happens to pops up somewhat unexpectedly. With a gift on hand you will appear to all to be extremely talented, thoughtful and prepared.


    Click Here for Great Quick Gift Ideas & Instructions!

    Enjoy making gifts for all your upcoming festivities!

    Happy Sewing,



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