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Reva's Tip: There's a New Kid in Town

Reva's Tip: There's a New Kid in Town

Okay, not literally a kid, but you may have noticed that there is a new thread in our stores.

Please welcome KingStar Metallic Embroidery Thread. KingStar is made in Japan and is the number one thread used in the Kimono industry. It produces beautiful and soft embroidery. I know that many of you are thread lovers like I am. Give us a sparkly thread and we get all giddy. That being said, traditionally metallic threads come with their own persnickety personalities and can be a challenge to work with. Here is where KingStar may make your days of frustration with metallic threads a thing of the past.

KingStar Metallic Thread Benefits:

  • No special needle needed (match the needle to the fabric and not to the thread)
  • No external thread stand needed
  •  No need to slow the machine's stitching speed
  •  Thread does not kink as it unwinds
  •  No need to place the spool far away from the machine

This thread is a high-quality embroidery thread that unspools smoothly as you stitch and does not kink back on itself which eliminates many common issues. This is made possible by the unique way this thread is manufactured. It has a polyester core (which gives it strength) and is wrapped in rice paper (which keeps the thread running smoothly through your machine even at high speeds). The metallic finish is not only beautiful, but is also colorfast. Each cone holds 1000m of a 40wt thread & will work beautifully with all standard embroidery designs.

I know you will enjoy sewing with this thread and also appreciate its value.

Get out there and stitch something pretty!

Happy Sewing,


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