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Deco Magic

Do you ever buy anything, tuck it away and then forget you have it? One such item that resurfaced in my sewing environment lately is Deco Magic. Man, I love this stuff! But I had made my initial projects and moved on to something different. I apologize, Deco Magic, I will try not to forget about you again! This stuff is amazing. It comes in two different weights: regular and lite, with the lite being half the thickness and stiffness of the regular. It is fusible on one side so that it can be fused to your choice fabric to use in your project. Of course, you can use it to create "no sew" projects like banners, use it in hooped embroidery to make ornaments and tags, but my favorite use is to create bags and organizers.

Deco Magic

Deco Magic & Deco Magic Lite

I really enjoy creating organizing projects like wallets, checkbook covers, USB holders and tote bags of all kinds with custom pockets. In the past, I have tried to use various items to help make my project have more substance but with limited success. Take a checkbook cover or wallet for example, when you purchase one in a store, there is an inner layer that has a flexible firmness to help the item maintain its shape with use. This is what Deco Magic provides. With Deco Magic the cover has a flexible firmness that helps keep the inner pages and checks protected and has a far more professional finish. Unlike using cotton batting which is soft and fluffy.

For tote bags, it is strong and resists tearing so it is fabulous for reinforcing the organization of the inner pockets. If you use it in the sides of your bags, then your bag won't droop just because you put your keys in the side pocket. It can even be thrown in the washer.

Here are just a few fun uses for Deco Magic or Deco Magic Lite:

• Wallets

• Checkbook Covers

• In the Hoop Projects

• Cell Phone Holders

• Belts

• Bag Handles

• Tote Bags

• USB Holders

• Banners & Pennants

• Ornaments

• Desk Organizers

• Key Fobs & Luggage Tags

• Tissue Box Covers

• Placemats

• Costume accessories

There are so many other possibilities and I am sure that you are already thinking of things that I have not. Enjoy making your next project and achieving more professional results by using the proper products for the job.

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