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Reva's Tips: Combining Your Creativity With Inspiration On The Go

Reva's Tips: Combining Your Creativity With Inspiration On The Go

Artspira: The Perfect Combination of ART + Inspiration in one App

Often I am itching to create a fun project, but I need help finding inspiration. Have you heard about Brother's new and exciting Artspira app? (pronounced art-speeee-ra). Did I mention it's Free?!

Artspira is designed to work and communicate directly with Brother Wi-Fi-enabled devices, but did you know that there are tons of content in the app to use regardless of what machine you may have? Every week, Artspira issues a new "magazine" with content for projects and more. You'll love the great step-by-step pictures, complete lists of supplies, and in many instances, how-to videos. The projects have great variety and are quite fun. If you aren't working with a Brother Wi-Fi-enabled machine, you will most likely need to substitute your own designs to use for your project, but the ideas are still great.

What's that, you say? You DO have a Brother Wi-Fi machine (like an embroidery machine or a ScanNCut, etc.)? Great! Now you are really going to have fun with Artspira. In addition to projects, Artspira gets new embroidery designs, cutting files, and printable files weekly. It is so fun and easy. Did you like the design in the app? Just pick it and send it to the coordinating style of machine (embroidery, SNC, or printer). If you are working with an embroidery design, it even shows the size, time needed to stitch and list all of the thread colors needed. Necessary info is also provided for cut files too. Nifty! What, there's more? You bet!! You can also create your own layout, edit the size and placement of the designs, combine multiple designs and even create your own designs right in the Artspira app. So fun and easy!

You caught that I said printer, didn't you? You are so observant! Our creative possibilities have just gotten even bigger! Not only has our embroidery and SNC world been made so simple to combine, but now Brother is introducing PrintModa (probably the prettiest printer I have ever seen!). This is a printer that actually uses a roll of fabric to print a small project or yards of material in a print of your choice. It is also considered a wide format printer, meaning it can print with papers and fabric nearly 12" wide. Being Wi-Fi capable, it can receive printing info straight from your Artspira app. Imagine creating your own custom fabrics for your next project.

How creative are you going to get? Combining your embroidery machine, SNC, PrintModa and Artspira app.

Go play and have fun! I can't wait to see what you create!

Happy Sewing,

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