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Reva's Tips: Make it Fit

Reva's Tips: Make it Fit

Lately I have noticed that people are getting back into sewing garments more and more. The selection of pattern companies and styles have blossomed over the last few years, giving those of us who sew many more options.

Are you with me and eager to make something new? One of the biggest challenges of garment sewing is getting the right fit. Well, things have certainly changed since the time I started sewing. For one, available fabrics are so different now. With the variety of fabrics with stretch, it makes complicated patterns with lots of darts less necessary. In conjunction with fabulous fabrics, many pattern styles are relaxed, great wardrobe staples and usually multi sized. Each size will have its own style of line for easy identification.

How do you get a pattern to fit? First, take your measurements (bust, waist, hip). The "dress size" listed on the pattern is pretty arbitrary. So, working with your actual measurements, compare these to the pattern and find the size that is best for you. Don't be alarmed if it says you are 2 or 3 sizes bigger than you wear off the rack.

Reality is that you will most likely not be a consistent size "10" in all three areas for which vou took measurements. To match the pattern to your size, lay out your pattern piece and identify the specific areas that required measurements. Make a mark on the size line that best matches you in those areas. Now, draw a line dot to dot using the actual pattern lines as a suggestion, blending the line from one mark to the next.

Cut it out and sew! It is still a good idea to do a test sample, but who knows, you may end up loving your test!

If you want things even easier and a better fit with less fussing, try the Ditto Pattern Projector.

Ditto is a pattern projection system that has hundreds of pattern options, is easy to use and produces immediate results for custom patterns that do not have to be printed! Think about that, a pattern just for you and no need to tape dozens of pieces of paper together.

Got a piece of fabric and feel like a new top to wear today? Use your Ditto app to shop from a wide selection of styles. In many cases you can pick style variations like sleeve and neckline, adjust the length and even pick from woven or knit for the proper ease and fit for that fabric.

Send your selection to Ditto and the pattern size will be adjusted based on your measurements. The Ditto system then projects your pattern pieces onto your cutting surface and fabric.

Wow! From zero to "let's sew" in just a few minutes without the waste of time and resources.

Whichever process fits your style of sewing, it's time to sew something just for you!

We would love to see what you make. Post a picture of your project on Social Media and tag us with @QualitySewing or #QualitySewing.

Happy Sewing,

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