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Reva's Tips: Puck Up, No More

Reva's Tips: Puck Up, No More

No one likes puckers in their embroidery projects. You spend all that time and effort planning and stitching your project, only to be disappointed by the final look. Of course, we are hopeful that we can “press out” those puckers, but the reality is that it just doesn’t work. So, let’s talk about what does work! It’s all about the fabric, how you treat it, and the stabilizer you choose. You’ve undoubtedly heard about the various stabilizers and which to use for different types of fabric and designs — but did you know that there is one more thing you can do to help ensure that even your densest designs stitch out beautifully?

It’s all about prepping your fabric. Here’s the reality of why prep is important for embroidery — when stitching out a design on any fabric, the needle punctures the fabric and then the thread adds more fibers into the fabric itself. This causes the fibers of the fabric to break down, become damaged, and lose their structure.

Fabric prep to the rescue!

Dream Weave Supreme is a NEW woven fusible fabric prep that is simply amazing! It’s not stretchy like the regular Dream Weave, so it does an even better job on woven fabrics like quilting cottons, home dec fabrics, and many others. Just fuse the Dream Weave Supreme to the back side of the fabric you want to embroider on, and it will give your fabric the extra support and integrity that it needs to stay nice and flat. Of course, you will also still need to use stabilizer as usual.

The best thing about using this is the results it gives you! Not only will it help your fabric stay nice and flat, but it also helps the fabric resist wrinkles and gives it a “beefier” appearance. This results in a more polished and professional looking result.

It is exciting to know that taking one small extra step when creating an embroidery project can help ensure that you love and are proud of the results.

Happy Sewing,

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