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Reva's Tips: Take Care!

Reva's Tips: Take Care!

Extend the Lifespan of Your Thread

Did you know that thread has a shelf life and that it can be affected by its surroundings?

Thread can become old with age, fade or deteriorate with sunlight, as well as collect unwanted dust, which can cause issues with your machine.

I had always heard that thread had a shelf life. Of course, situations like that only happen to other people, right? Well… years ago I made a lovely pair of pants laboring over every detail, and they turned out fantastic. If only I had paid attention to the warning signs. As I was stitching, the thread seemed especially linty, giving off little specks of the thread color, which I ignored. Wrong choice. The first time I wore them and sat down, the seat ripped right out. All that work wasted!

Time and sunlight cause the thread fibers to deteriorate.

Try these things to avoid an outcome similar to to my experience:

  • Don't hoard thread - Thread is a beautiful tool. Use it! There is always more.
  • Keep it in the dark - Store your thread away from sunlight to help avoid fading and sun damage.
  • Keep it enclosed - Minimizing dust accumulation will help keep your machine healthy.
  • When in doubt, throw it out - If the thread seems suspect, vive it a pull. If it breaks easily, it is done for! Same with excess shedding. Again, you can get more.

Storing thread in an organized manner where it is out of the sun yet easy to access can be a challenge.

If you are looking for a storage solution, consider the Thread Bank Organizer from WonderFil.

The Thread Bank will fit on a standard bookshelf or even in a cupboard for a clean and organized storage solution. Each unit is designed to keep your thread shaded and dust-free. The included labels make it easy to see what each pull-out contains.

Finding space in your sewing areas for our supplies can be challenging. Go vertical! Take advantage of your wall space and create the thread storage bookcase of your dreams!

Note: There are 360 colors in the full line of Floriani thread. You can store the whole line in the space of just a couple of shelves!

Space saving organization that also protects your thread is a win-win!

Happy Sewing,

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