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Reva's Tips: There's A Foot For That

Reva's Tips: There's A Foot For That

Have you ever embarked on a sewing adventure and found that the task that you thought would be fairly simple ended up taking a long time or was frustrating?

Did you know that there is probably a foot for that? Presser feet for your machine are not just accessories, they are tools. When you take a look at a foot, you may see special markings on the top & special shaped recesses on the back. These specifics are designed to make that foot assist you in a specific task or function. Many times the design of a foot will help guide the fabric in a specific way and encourage the thread to perform properly for the task at hand.

There are a couple of new feet that have been introduced by Brother that fit both Brother and Baby Lock machines. Let’s take a look at them:

Enhanced N+ Foot:

This is a new version of the decorative stitch foot. With its longer length, you will find that it makes great contact with the feed dogs for wonderful feeding of the fabric. The recessed back side, can easily accommodate the amount of thread used in satin stitches and decorative stitches. When you look at the sides of the foot and on either side of the ankle, you will see white parts that help make the foot very stable and limit lateral movement while sewing. This is a great foot to have for all-around excellent stitch formation.

Ruler Foot:

Interested in finishing your quilts with quilting rulers? There are two new versions of this foot to help you do just that. One version is for low shank machines while the other is for high shank machines (we can help you determine which you have). A ruler foot is designed to be used with a quilting ruler/template and will guide you to stitch 1/4” away from the edge of the ruler for endless design choices . You will notice that this particular foot has an oval opening around the needle to minimize skipped stitches. If you have a machine that you can adjust the height of your presser foot, this is a great foot for you.

Spanish Hemstitch Foot:

Now this one is fun! The Spanish Hem foot/attachment, AKA a bridging foot, is used when connecting two fabrics together where both have finished edges along that connecting edge. The foot attachment holds the fabrics slightly apart while connecting them with a decorative stitch, creating a beautiful, lacey finish.

If you are taking on a fun new technique, check with the store & see if there is a foot available that will make things easier. These foot styles are also available for most brands. Who knows, you may have just the right foot in your accessory drawer just waiting to be used.

Happy Sewing,

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