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Floriani Workbook

If you are an embroiderer, you may have noticed recently that the stabilizers are looking a bit different. One of the most popular stabilizers, No Show Mesh, is no longer… What? But Why?

Let me tell you, this is GOOD news! In order to fully understand why this is good news, let’s take a look at the values and properties of both No Show Mesh and its replacement, Power Mesh.



  • Cut away - Stability is added to even the most unstable fabrics like t-shirts


    • Thin, soft and isn’t visible on the outside of a garment


      • Gridded reinforcement, there is an embossed horizontal and vertical pattern that creates stability and limits stretch



        This next part is where the Power Mesh surpasses the No Show Mesh we all love:



        • Slightly thicker - Power Mesh is just .5oz thicker than No Show Mesh


          • Holds more stitches - Power Mesh can hold a design of 10,000 stitches in a 4” x 4” hoop; No Show Mesh, only 6000 - 8000 stitches in the same sized hoop.


            Power Mesh

            What does this mean for us?

            Power Mesh is going to help make our embroidery turn out even better because it has more strength, thus giving better results.

            Need even more strength?

            For a design with more stitches, use two pieces of Power Mesh: One hooped so the pattern is square to the hoop and the other so the pattern is 45 degrees to the first piece. This will give you amazing stability for 20,000 stitches in a 4” x 4” hoop. WOW!

            Even with all this strength and stability, you are going to love the same soft and light feel.

            Extra Fun Tip:

            I love using this when I am quilting a quilt with an embroidery machine. Put it in between the batting and fabric. You will never feel it there and the stitching will turn out great.

            Try All the Colors and Styles of Power Mesh:









            When you are picking up your new rolls of Power Mesh, take a look at Stitch N Wash. This stabilizer is a unique animal. All Tearaway will part wash away and can hold 8000 stitches in a 4” x 4” hoop. Since it is a tearaway, use it on woven fabrics that do not stretch. Once the embroidery is done, tear away the excess stabilizer. As the item is washed, some fibers in the stabilizer will begin to wash away. This allows the design to maintain the beauty of the embroidery but over time the piece will become soft. It is perfect for adding more stability to a design when needed. It is definitely my favorite type of tearaway.

            Stitch N Wash

            Want more stabilizer information like this? You will love the new Floriani Stabilizer & Tool Workbook. Here you will find two pages dedicated to each type of stabilizer Floriani has to offer. One page gives full descriptions, uses, and ideas, while the second page has a dedicated space for you to add a sample of that specific stabilizer plus a place for notes. Additionally, you will find a section on needles, tools, and a color thread chart. Such a good idea, so glad they thought of it!!

            Floriani Workbook

            Happy Sewing,


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