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September Sew Fun Harvest Sweatshirt Tutorial

September Sew Fun Harvest Sweatshirt Tutorial

This is a fun use for an embroidery design set that was originally designed to be a table runner. Lee decided to be extra creative and use the design set to embellish a cute sweatshirt jacket. It was simple to do and makes quite an impact. You could use a variety of design sets to create your own stunning project.

Here are the steps:

  Back of Finished Sweatshirt.Back of Finished Sweatshirt.

  1. Embroidery Design: "Along the Fence Table Runner" by Jana Davidson. Large design, pieced together. Leave the extra fabric on the end pieces. (You might need to add a little more to reach around the front.)
  2.  I used a men's size medium sweatshirt. Cut the ribbing off the sweatshirt. Cut it open at the center front. Staystitch the neckline.
  3.  Bind the top of table runner using 2-1/2" straight strip of fabric. Sew the table runner onto the bottom of the sweatshirt. Bind bottom of sweatshirt and the sleeves.
  4.  I used a straight strip of fabric: 5-1/2" wide for the front bond. I cut 2 strips of fabric 5-1/2" x 45", seamed them at center back and then padded them with fusible fleece.
  5.  Shape the front by cutting 2" off the center front at the bottom and cut a line to the shoulder seam. Sew the band on center back to bottom on the wrong side of the sweatshirt. Seam across the bottom. Trim off excess. Turn, top stitch and you're done.

 Happy Sewing!


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