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Sewing Tip from Reva: Threads For Your Thoughts

Sewing Tip from Reva: Threads For Your Thoughts


30wt thread, 40wt thread, 50wt thread

Thread weights can be so confusing! Let's demystify thread, shall we? With thread, the general rule is that the higher the weight number the thinner the thread. This means a 50wt thread is finer/thinner than a 30wt thread.

30wt Thread

Most all-purpose polyester thread, like Aerofil is 30wt thread.

This thread is stronger and appropriate for all types of sewing projects and garments. It normally has a polyester core or is 100% polyester.

40wt Thread

Most embroidery threads are 40wt and are shiny in appearance. These threads can be made of polyester or rayon. It is not uncommon for embroidery threads to be wound looser than all purpose/construction threads so that they can fill the embroidered area beautifully. Many prefer to embroider with a polyester thread so that there is no worry about bleeding or fading of their colors even if bleached.

50wt Thread

Many piecing threads are 50wt. For piecing a quilt together, a lighter weight thread is preferred. Since it is important for your finished block to be a specific measurement, one does not want to have a heavy thread taking up extra space in the seam allowance.

12wt Threads

Threads that are less then 30wt are designed for decorative purposes. They make beautiful decorative stitches and topstitching. A 12wt thread is about the heaviest that you can get through the eye of a machine needle. Any heavier, you may decide to use them for couching, bobbin work or in your serger.

Now let's talk specifics

Quilting guru Alex Anderson has done it again! In addition to her wonderful battings, rulers, mats and other products designed for quilters, we now have great quilting threads. These are quite spectacular!

Perfect Cotton Plus

thread-01This is a 60wt piecing thread and comes in 60 luscious colors. This thread is everything both machine and hand piecers love about sewing with Egyptian Cotton thread “plus” the added strength needed for machine quilting!

Para-Cotton Poly

This is an 80wt thread that comes both on spools and as pre-wound bobbins (both "L" and "Class 15"). It comes in 40 colors that have been thermally treated to remove undesired stretchiness and shrinkage. This process reduces the shiny sheen to make the thread feel, stitch and look like mercerized cotton! GREAT for quilters, fiber artists and embroiderers. By the way....these colors are actually a match for the top 40 colors of the Floriani Embroidery thread colors. Consider using this lighter-weight thread in your bobbin for your next embroidery project. You will be happy with the lighter density and softer hand that your embroidered design will have. Visit one of our stores and find the perfect weight of thread for your next project.

Enjoy your creativity!


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