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Snap-Hoop Now Fits More Machines!

Slide-on Attachment

Snap-HoopSnap-Hoop has always been a great hooping system. It comes with a flat magnetic top and flat metal bottom frame. Simply lay the fabric over the bottom frame and snap the magnetic top frame in place! Voila! The fabric is secured. You can tug the fabric around between the two layers without distorting it so that you don't have to worry about puckering. Check out a video demonstration here.

Well, now they've just added three new Snap-Hoops that fit more Brother, Baby Lock, and Singer embroidery machines:


Slide-on AttachmentSnap-Hoop Version A4 for Brother/Baby Lock:

130x180 mm (5" x 7")

Slide on attachment


Baby Lock Ellageo Plus ESG, ESG2, ESG3

Brother ULT 2001

Brother ULT 2003

Brother ULT 2002


Clamp-down AttachmentSnap-Hoop Version A6 for Brother/Baby Lock:

130x180 mm (5" x 7")

Clamp down attachment


Baby Lock Ellure Plus

Baby Lock Ellure

Baby Lock Esante E SE2

Brother Innov-is 1000

Brother PE-700

Brother PE-750D

Brother PE-700II

Brother PE-750D

Brother PE-700II

Brother PE 770

Brother PE 780D

Brother 8500

Brother Innov-is 1250D

Brother Innov-is 1200

Brother 8500


Screw-on AttachmentSnap-Hoop Version G1 for Singer

4½" x 6¾"

(Screw-on attachment)


Futura CE-100

Futura CE-150

Futura CE-200

Futura CE-250

Futura CE-350


If you've ever wanted to get the Snap-Hoop but haven't had a compatible machine, chances are much greater now! All Snap-Hoops are on sale for only $179.99. Snap hoops are available for most current model Pfaff, Viking, Brother, and Baby Lock machines as well. You can view the complete list of Snap-Hoops here.



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