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The New TrueCut Comfort Cutter by Grace Company

The New TrueCut Comfort Cutter by Grace Company

TrueCut Comfort Cutter Comes in 3 Sizes

Grace Company is known for it's TrueCut rotary cutters that in conjunction with their rulers, mats and grips, form a cutting system that enables more accurate cutting. This system is safer and easier than traditional rotary systems. I was so excited to try out the newest rotary cutter available from Grace Company, The TrueCut Comfort Cutter. The Comfort Cutter has a unique ergonomic shape, the handle aligns your wrist naturally, placing all cutting power directly over the blade, eliminating stress in the wrist and arm. The benefit of this is maximum power, with less effort and strain on your wrists! I tend to over overextend my wrist when rotary cutting which always means that while trying to tackle a project, I often end up with sore wrists and asymmetric fabric. The design of this cutter is just what I need to support my wrists!

The Ergonomic Handle Aligns Your Wrist

Other great features of this cutter include the blade allows for both left and right hand cutting, you can take the blade and guide and switch to the back for left side cutting. You can also customize the rotary cutter's handle with your own designs, photos or fabrics. Use this cutter with the TrueCut Ruler that has a built-in ruler guide for improved accuracy, safety and ease of use. The cutter also features a easy to use safety guard. The Comfort Cutter comes in 3 sizes, 28mm, 45mm and 60mm.

All three sizes are in-stock and available, stop by your nearest Quality Sewing location to see this new cutter today!

Happy Cutting!


Watch this informative video that reviews the features of The Comfort Cutter

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