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Tip From Reva: Your ScanNCut and Iron-On Vinyl

Tip From Reva: Your ScanNCut and Iron-On Vinyl


Do you love your electronic cutter? I simply love the ScanNCut and thought that I would share with you some tips for using Iron-On Transfer Film Sheets. When this vinyl material is cut it can be applied to fabric or a garment to add your own custom flair; it will look a bit like it was screen printed. Here are a few things to know about using this product that will help make you more successful when using this fun and versatile material.

  • When cutting, place the shiny side of the material down on the mat. The dull side is the back and the side that you cut.
  •  The blade does not need to be set very deep. This is a very thin material and the cut should not go through the shiny part of the sheet.
  •  Flip your design on the screen of your ScanNCut so that it is a mirror image of how you want your design to be. The reason that you want to cut it mirrored is that you are cutting this material from the backside.
  •  Cut out your design from the sheet of vinyl, leaving about a 3/4" margin around the design. You can use the rest for another project.
  • When cutting is finished, you will need to weed your design. Weeding is the process of removing all of the vinyl that you do not want to be part of your design from the clear sticky sheet. Note that it is easier to weed the design in a warm area. If your room is cold it will be much more difficult. If it is cold, run your iron over your ironing surface and then use that as your work table - but don't put the iron on the product just yet!
  •  After weeding, you are ready to place your design onto your desired fabric. Follow the package instructions to apply. Be patient and press as recommended. Using a heat press will make your experience much easier.
  • If you are layering the vinyl to create a multi-color design, you will want to know a couple of additional things. 1) Do not over process. Heat is what makes the product work, but too much will cause it to fail. Place your base piece down and heat set it for a few seconds and then remove the release sheet and place the next piece on and set it for just a few seconds. Repeat until all layers are in place and then set the whole design the full amount of time. 2) Glitter goes on top. Plain vinyl can be layered on top of each other, but specialty vinyls like glitter or flock may do best being on the top and not as a base layer.
  • Laundering: Wash inside out, avoid hot dryers and do not use fabric softeners. Fabric softeners are not the friend of any heat-applied adhesive materials. They can encourage the adhesive properties to fail.

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Vinyl is a fun way customize gifts and add personalization. I'm sure you will now be having even more fun with your ScanNCut!

Enjoy your creativity!


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