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Why You'll Love Brother PE Design® Plus Software

Why You'll Love Brother PE Design® Plus Software

Who needs more software? Many people struggle with the ones they already own. PE Design® Plus is a breath of fresh air for those who want good, really-easy-to-use software. The included tutorials will make learning a simple task.

One of the features that makes it so very special and different from other available software is that it includes the entire PhotoStitch™ program from PE Design® NEXT.

PE Design® NEXT has always been considered the benchmark of excellence in photo stitch programs. The stitch-outs are very realistic. The program will produce fantastic stitch-outs by just letting the software do the work of making the choices. It also includes many tools that are handy for those who want to make changes. It is easy to learn to use and there is an excellent training video on the Brother Sews YouTube site. The video demonstrates how to use most of the excellent tools and provides some useful tips to get the very best photo stitch:

There are 35 fonts that are instantly recalculated when resized. Underlay may be added and density (number of stitches) may be adjusted. The arc transformation for creating circles is also included.

There is an excellent auto-punch program that will turn simple clip art into an embroidery design in just seconds. It offers a choice of fill and outline stitches.

There is a design library of included designs. Designs can be imported and exported in most machine formats. The realistic preview mode and a sew simulator help determine if the design will stitch as desired. The stitching order of a design allows rearranging which part of the design will sew first or last. Designs may be resized with or without recalculation of stitches (this is useful when an existing design has too much or too little density.)

The program can also display thumbnail pictures of the designs in a file and show the details, ie: dimensions, colors, stitch time and much more. Brother hoop sizes are in the software, and additional hoops may be easily added. The print feature provides printing of actual size templates.

This software is compatible with nearly every machine available. It is easy to use. Best of all there are so many features you will actually use. Stop by one of our locations to learn more and pick up your own copy of this wonderful software!

Happy Stitching!


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