Janome Horizon Memory Craft 9400QCP Sewing & Quilting Machine

Janome Horizon Memory Craft 9400QCP Sewing & Quilting Machine

Janome Skyline S5 Sewing & Quilting Machine with FREE Bonus Bundle

Janome Skyline S5 Sewing & Quilting Machine with FREE Bonus Bundle

Janome Skyline S7 Sewing & Quilting Machine

The Skyline S7 comes with 240 built-in stitches, including 11 one-step buttonholes and 7 alphabets. Quilters and designers will enjoy the AcuFeed™ Flex Layered Fabric Feeding System and the Automatic Presser Foot Lift.
The Skyline S7 comes with 240 built-in stitches, including 11 one-step buttonholes and 7 alphabets. Quilters and designers will enjoy the AcuFeed™ Flex Layered Fabric Feeding System and the Automatic Presser Foot Lift. The 11 buttonholes can be customized for stitch width, stitch density and buttonhole opening. Along with that, the 7 alphabets also go up to a 9mm width with a revised letter size and shape for increased realism and balance. Navigation through all of these features has become easier with the Skyline S7’s new LCD color touchscreen
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Availability In-Store Only
Color White
Features Tension Control
Auto Tension System - When "A" is selected on the tension dial, the machine adjusts the tension based on fabric thickness. Especially useful when switching between fabric layers and types. Allows user to create perfect stitch consistency on a wide range of materials. The user can set his/her own tension traditionally by selecting from the numbers on the tension dial.

Advanced Start/Stop Button
The start/stop button allows the machine to sew without using the foot pedal. This feature is great for sewing long seams, or for quick mending. This button also allows for speed control. At the start of your seam, simply press and hold to slowly accelerate to your set speed. At the end, press and hold to slow down, and release the button to stop sewing. This new Janome exclusive feature allows great control at the start and end of seams.

Ergonomic Knee Lift
The ergonomic knee lift is a lever that extends downward from the machine, so that the user can control the presser foot with their knee. This is very helpful when sewing a project that requires you to keep both hands on the fabric at all times. Your hands don't have to move to raise or lower the presser foot! Also, the Ergonomic Knee Lift is useful for quilting and appliqué when fabric needs to be frequently maneuvered. The lift is adjustable so the user can place it in the most comfortable position.

Easy Set Bobbin Case & Cover
The specially designed bobbin case and cover means there is no need to pull long threads tails up and through when you thread your machine. Slip the bobbin thread in the cover plate guide and the built in cutting blades trim the tail to the correct length for a super-clean start to your stitching line. After the initial threading, the auto-thread cutter takes care of trimming and re-setting the tails each time.

Speed Control Slider
Set the speed for comfortable sewing the speed control slider. This slider allows you to set the top and low end speeds of the machine. Set to slower speeds for intricate work, and high speeds for long straight seams. This is a popular feature among beginners. Never sew faster than what you are comfortable with. This minimizes risk of user error and injury. The Skyline S7 features a 1000 stitches per minute max sewing speed and 60 stitches per minute minimum.

Bobbin Winder Plate With Cutter
The new bobbin winder plate has five cutting blades. With faster and smoother winding and easy thread cutting, your bobbin is ready to go!

240 Built-In Stitches
240 built-in stitches including 10 buttonholes gives you the perfect range of stitches for any task. Special buttonhole settings allow fine adjustments for precise detail.

91 Needle Positions
The Skyline S7 offers an unbelievable 91 needle positions. This allows for more detail in decorative stitches, and incredible fine adjustments in all stitch creation. And with 9mm stitch width, this sort of bold detail can be easily appreciated.

9mm Zig-Zag
You can create 9mm wide stitches on your Skyline S7! The extra width makes all of your decorative stitches bolder, brighter, and more distinct. Wider, more distinct stitches allow you to fill more area with stitching, quicker - saving you valuable time while sewing!

6 Ultra Bright LED Lights
Ultra-bright LED lights in three locations illuminate the bed of the machine, providing a dazzling work area. Be able to vividly see your projects and with the extra light, seeing smaller areas is easier.

Stitch Selection Type
The Backlit Digital LCD Screen shows a range of data for stitches and the feet selection. This very helpful sewing information is displayed in crisp, clear characters with a backlit option to help with visibility. Easy navigation keys are located near the screen and allow the user to easily select a stitch choice and for customization.

Automatic Thread Cutter
Thread is cut at the push of a button. No reaching for scissors, or wrapping thin threads around back to a blade. The innovative thread cutter leaves short thread tails, which saves the most amount of thread possible when cutting.

Easy Reverse Button
The Reverse button allows you to easily backstitch for locking seams. With the tip of your finger, this conveniently located button can also be used to stop a stitch pattern before its completion.

Locking Stitch
The locking stitch button ties off the end of the thread. No need to backstitch to lock a seam. This is ideal for securing seams on delicate fabrics, or when using decorative stitches.

Memorized Needle Up/Down
Push the button to set the needle to stop in the up or down position. Set the needle in the down position for easy pivoting on corners and for seamless free motion embroidery. Set the needle to the up position for easy fabric removal.

• Advanced Needle Threader
• AcuFeed Flex Layered Fabric Feeding System
• Automatic Presser Foot Lift
• 240 Stitches / 11 One-Step Buttonholes / 7 Alphabets
• Full Color LCD Touchscreen
• USB Port with Stitch Composer Stitch Creation Program
• 240 Built-In Stitches
• 11 One-Step Buttonholes
• 7 Alphabets
• Top Loading Full Rotary Hook Bobbin
• USB Port for adding Stitches
• Stitch Composer Stitch Creation Program
• Automatic Thread Tension
• Built-In Advanced Needle Threader
• Snap-on Presser Feet
• Easy Set Bobbin
• Bobbin Winding Plate with Cutter
• Memorized Needle Up/Down
• Automatic Presser Foot Lift
• Automatic Thread Cutter
• AcuFeed™ Flex Layered Fabric Feeding System
• Variable Zig-Zag for Free Motion Quilting
• One-Step Needle Plate Conversion
Built-In Stitches • 240 Built-In Stitches
• 11 One-Step Buttonholes
• 7 Alphabets
Built-In Embroidery Stitches N/A
Embroidery Features N/A
Connectivity N/A
Included Feet • 1/4 Inch Seam Foot O
• AcuFeed Flex™ Dual Feed Foot
• Automatic Buttonhole Foot
• Blind Hem Foot G
• Darning Foot
• Overedge Foot M
• Rolled Hem Foot
• Satin Stitch Foot
• Zig-Zag Foot
• Zipper Foot E
Included Accessories • Seam Ripper
• Extra Large Foot Controller
• Semi-Hard Cover
Warranty N/A
Additional Information N/A
Instructor N/A
Location N/A
Video N/A
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