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Grace Q'nique 19X Longarm Quilting Machine - with FREE Accessory Bundle!

Grace Q'nique 19X Longarm Quilting Machine - with FREE Accessory Bundle!


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The Q’nique 19X builds a bridge for quilting enthusiasts who want to take the leap from a shortarm or midarm machine, but are intimidated by the assumed issues of weight, size, and complexity of longarm machines.

This longarm encourages a small step out of the customer’s comfort zone in exchange for a giant leap in quality, features, and capability!

Receive a FREE Accessory Bundle with your purchase of a Grace 19X Longarm Machine until June 30th!

Free Bundle Includes:
• 10' Luminess Light Bar (GC-LL)
• Quilter's Compass: Lines & Loops (ACC-01-17316)
• Mini Quilt Clips, 2" & 1.5" (ACC-01-11687 & ACC-01-11686)
• Quilter's Combo (TCC-01-21372)
• Single 45mm Rotary Blade (GRTC1027)
• Pack of 10 Bobbins (ACC-01-11023)
• Pack of 8 Finesse Threads: Ruby Red, Thicket Brown, Marigold, Magenta, Canyon Shale, Deep Forest, Mauve Orchid & Desert Flower
Over $1,000 value!

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Key Features:

  • Extendable ergonomic handles with four simple quick-access buttons (two on each handle)
  • 2.4” touch screen display with intuitive screens and controls
  • Built-in bobbin winder with fill-level sensors
  • Adjustable hopping foot orientation
  • Dual thread mast for quilting and winding bobbins at the same time
  • Dual wheels for added stability
  • Edge warning and overspeed warning systems with warning lights and sounds
  • Built-in stitch regulation and stitch counters
  • Four different stitching modes: cruise, precise, baste, and manual
  • Digital measuring tool
  • On-screen incremental needle control
  • Needle light with dimmer to control light intensity
  • QuiltMotion compatibility
  • Needle magnet to guide needle orientation
  • Included sample thread kit
  • Works with ALL current Grace frames
  • 2,000 SPM


  • Stitch Modes: Manual, Cruise, Precise, Baste
  • Block Size: 15" - Block size can vary a little depending on the size of your quilting project. This is a standard in all frame quilting due to the back rail of the frame you choose to use. For a pro tip remember that the fabric will still build up in the back of the machine, this is standard too but try to account for the build up on the front in of your quilt design.
  • Stitch Speed: 2000
  • Screen Type: 2.4" Color Touch Screen
  • Edge Warning: Yes, the 19X has Edge Warning. Edge warning is a patented feature that lets you set a safe area that will remind you when you are getting close to an area that is not able to be quilted. Quilters often are enthralled in creating their master pieces and forget that the machine, no matter which one only has so much workspace in the throat and frame area. Use Edge Warning to remind you so you can keep your designs nice!
  • Bobbin Estimator: Yes, there is a built in bobbin estimator on this machine. It is nice to have a good estimate on the bobbin left so you can plan the next section of quilting you will be doing.

Included Accessories

  • 3 M Class Bobbins
  • 10 size 18 Needles
  • 10 size 16 Needles
  • Oil
  • Sample Thread