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Juki Akane MO-3000QVP 2/3/4 Air Thread Serger

Juki Akane MO-3000QVP 2/3/4 Air Thread Serger


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Serge like a pro with Juki's Akane (ah-KAH-nay) MO-3000QVP 2/3/4 differential feed overlocker, with automatic thread supply and easy threader!

With the MO-3000QVP, sewing will never end up being a hobby.


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Juki Akane MO-3000QVP 2/3/4 Air Thread Serger

Serge like a pro with Juki's Akane (ah-KAH-nay) MO-3000QVP 2/3/4 differential feed overlocker, with automatic thread supply and easy threader! With the MO-3000QVP, sewing will never end up being a hobby.

Named Akane meaning "deep red" in Japanese, after JUKI's rich heritage, the MO-3000QVP will have you serging like a pro! With the Akane MO-3000QVP, sewing will never feel like just a hobby.

This overlock serger is equipped with new features to take your serging to the next level, including an automatic thread supply, a JUKI exclusive chain-off thread cutter, micro-lift of the presser foot, and effortless threading with the power of air! In addition, JUKI has added features including a wider throat area, a bright workspace with color temperature adjustment, a magnet needle tray, an LCD screen, and 2/3 thread conversion.

Also, new features allow you to operate the serger by hand(utilizing a new speed control) or foot, like a knee lift lever and foot controller with foot switch functions. The MO-3000QVP is equipped to gather stretched fabrics such as knits and georgette with differential feed and sew rolled hemming for beautiful finishes on light to medium-weight fabrics.

Main Features:

The Little Rebel is made for creators who are ready to make their mark on the world. More than just a quilting machine, this incredible tool can help you tackle almost any type of sewing project.

Chain-Off Thread Cutter

  • The chain-off thread can be cut manually by pressing the scissors button or using the foot switch. Automatic cutting is also possible and you can set the chain-off thread length.


  • With the micro-lifter, you can sew with the presser foot lifted up to 2.5mm. This extra spacing makes handling those bulky projects easier. Trying to finish the edge of a heavy winter coat or set elastic into a fleece waist band? Micro-lift is just what you need.

Thread Delivery Adjustment Knob

  • The MO-3000QVP sews various stitches from 4 thread overcasting, 3 thread narrow and rolled hem by turning the stitch selector knob. With the automatic thread supply system, adjusting “tension” is a thing of the past.

Foot Controller with Foot Switch Functions

  • With the ability to select a function for the secondary switch of the foot controller, users can take a half-stitch, low-speed stitching or activate thread cutting.

LCD Screen

  • The LCD screen shows the selected stitch pattern as selected by the stitch selection knob. You decide your maximum sewing speed, automatic chain-off thread cutting, and LED sewing light intensity.
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  • Automatic Needle Threader
  • Wide Throat Area
  • Bright Workspace
  • Light Control Function
  • Magnetic Needle Tray
  • 2/3 Thread Conversion
  • Waste Collector
  • Storage of Accessories
  • Inner Curve Sewing
  • Multi-Purpose Foot
  • Adjustable Stitch Length & Differential Feed
  • Knee Lift Lever
  • Foot Controller with Foot Switch Function
  • Adjustable presser foot pressure
  • Option to deactivate upper knife
  • Safety feature preventing operation when the presser foot is in the up position or a cover is open
  • Built-In Stitches4-Thread Overlock
    Uses 2 needles and 4 threads to securely sew together knitted fabrics.
    3-Thread Overlock
    This stitch prevents fabric from fraying.
    2-Thread Overcast
    Simply sew fabric edges with 2 threads to prevent fraying.
    3-Thread Narrow Overlock
    The fabric edge is rolled, then sewn with very narrow overlocking.
    Frill 3-Thread Rolled Hem with Diff. Feed
    Uses 3-thread rolled hemming and the differential feed on stretch fabrics to create richly designed articles.
    3-Thread Flatlock
    Use this stitch as an accent on clothes, interior items and accessories.
    3-Thread Rolled Hem
    The fabric edge is rolled, then covered with thread.
    Included Feet
  • Standard Presser Foot (Taping Foot)
  • Curve Foot
  • Included Accessories
  • Knee Lift Lever
  • WarrantyJuki America, Inc. warrants this Product for a period of five (5) years against defective materials and/or workmanship, and two (2) years on motors, light assembly, wiring, switches, speed control, and electrical components.