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PerfectSew Liquid Wash-Away Stabilizer - 8oz Bottle PS-8

PerfectSew Liquid Wash-Away Stabilizer - 8oz Bottle PS-8


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PerfectSew liquid stabilizer penetrates fabric to stiffen it for a multitude of sewing projects, including machine embroidery.


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PerfectSew liquid stabilizer penetrates fabric to stiffen it for a multitude of sewing projects, including machine embroidery.

Use this product for perfect stitches and no puckering on machine embroidery, appliques, patchwork, heirloom sewing, rolled edge serging, bias sewing, and more. It stabilizes even the sheerest and stretchiest of fabrics. Non-toxic, non allergenic & environmentally safe. It is safe to use on most washable fabrics. Test first on a scrap.

How to use PerfectSew:

EASY TO USE: Work on a smooth, non-porous surface such as a laminate counter top or a piece of plastic to avoid waste.

SPREAD IT ONTO FABRIC: For lightweight fabrics, fold into fourths and pour PerfectSew in the middle. Spread with your fingers. Pour onto a single layer on heavier fabrics then spread. Saturate the fabric in area to be stitched. NOTE: Do not put into a spray bottle. Eventually it will clog unless you dilute it a lot.

DRY IT: Hang to dry. Speed up drying with a hair dryer.

SEW IT: For optimum pucker prevention, press with a dry iron just before sewing to completely remove moisture and wrinkles. The fabric will be "crisp."

RINSE IT: After embroidering or sewing, machine wash the fabric to completely remove PerfectSew. Or, rinse out in lukewarm running water. It will probably be necessary to machine wash the finished item for complete removal.

Always use a new fine needle when embroidering. If cutting fibers is a problem, sew more slowly to allow fibers a chance to be pushed out of the way by the needle. Do a test sample on fine fabrics first.


  • Machine embroidery on fashion, applique, pin tucks, heirloom sewing, and Battenberg lace.

(The butterfly here was cut out after it was embroidered.

The PerfectSew was left in to keep it stiff.)
  • Prevents puckers when machine stitching or embroidering quilts.
  • Perfect for embroidering sheer fabrics as there is nothing to tear away.
  • To make sheer fabrics easier to cut, dilute PerfectSew, dip fabric into it, then let dry and press.
  • Better stitching on knits. (Use a stable layer underneath to prevent stretch.)
  • A temporary adhesive to join fabrics in appliqueing and sewing or hemming bias seams or slippery fabrics. For appliqueing, apply more PERFECT SEW to the area already treated, dried, and ironed. Place fabrics in position. Join instantly with a hot iron. The applique stays in place; the fabric won't stretch or pucker while satin stitching.
  • Dip silk chiffon into diluted Perfect Sew to slightly stiffen it to make it easier to work with.
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