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Create a New Look With Simply Beautiful Seams

I love to use a variety of seams. Not only for adapting to a particular construction challenge, but especially for decorative purposes. When you have a pattern style that is flattering and you've perfected the fit, it's nice to be able to create multiple versions without simply duplicating your work. Using decorative seams can give a whole new look to a project.

One of my favorites for visual impact and ease of sewing is the bundled fagotted seam. A traditional fagotted seam has threads bridging a gap between two fabric pieces. In the bundled fagotted seam, the threads are stitched down the middle with a triple straight stitch, creating a look of little tied 'bundles'.

The secret star of this technique is: the fringe foot! We're all familiar with using the fringe foot for fun textural effects. But it also makes sewing a perfectly spaced fagotted seam a piece of cake.

Here's how it's done:

Step 1:

Using the fringe foot and decreased needle tension, stitch at least a 5/8” seam, right sides together, using a zig-zag that just clears the fringe bar.

Step 2:

Pull seam gently apart and press the seam allowances away from the seam on the wrong side.

Step 3:

Use the triple straight stitch (regular tension) to sew up the center of the fagoted seam, pulling fabric taut to the sides to keep seam open as much as possible.

Step 4:

Use decorative stitches (Angie Spong 9mm stitch shown here - available at this month's Sew Fun presentation) up the sides of the seam to hold seam allowances to the side and give additional decoration.

That's it! If you'd like to see more of this fun technique, come to a Sew Fun club presentation. You'll be amazed at the many ways you can add a little more oomph! to your next project.


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