Do You Dream of Designing? Project Runway Starts Thursday

Do You Dream of Designing? Project Runway Starts Thursday

Don't you just love the feeling of using your creativity to make something spectacular? This time of the year I sure can used ajump start to my creative process. Well just in time, it's Project Runway to the rescue.

I just love the thought of being given a random challenge and seeing what one will come up with. Not that I my sense of style always agrees with what the designers on Project Runway comes up with, but the show does hold a full pallet of inspiration and ideas for projects that I am planning and working on. It sure has me looking at life around me with a whole different perspective.

The challenges remind me of the classes that we have in our stores. Have you ever noticed how each person in a class can make the same project but they all look so different when they add their own fabric choices and personality. I just love seeing what is created in a class!

This years season looks promising with a group of contestants that have such a wide variety of personalities and styles. We will also get to see designers who's ages range from 21 to 57, one is even Snohomish and two are from Portland.

I have found a ton of information about the designers and have gotten a glimpse into what they are like by going to the Project Runway info page on LifeTime. Here you can even see what their work spaces look like. If you have Comcast, I did find that all of the video clips are "OnDemand" under "Tv Series".

The new season of Project Runway starts this Thursday, July 28th @ 9pm on Life Time.

If you are not able to watch the series at the scheduled time, it is usually re-aired during the following week. Also in the past, LifeTime has posted the current episode on it's website within a couple of days and is available for a short time period.

This is a great way to share an experience with the younger ones in your life and may even ignite a spark of interest in sewing. Even though my family does not share the same interest in sewing and design that I have, it has been fun to interact with my husband and two teenagers through this show while listening to their opinions on what each show presents. Also, my best girlfriend lives in California and this show can always give us something fun to talk about! So consider "watching" the show with your friends, kids, grandkids, or nieces/nephews. If you are not able to watch it together in the same room, compare thoughts with each other via texting, email, or Facebook. You just might be amazed at how much a simple TV show and Social Media may open up dialog and actually give you one more thing in common with someone you care about.

Join me in watching! We can all watch it together and chat about it on the Quality Sewing Facebook page.

I will meet you there!


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