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Hoop Embroidery in a (Quick) Snap!

I love having gadgets and gizmos to make my embroidery world easier. It is so nice to take advantage of great innovations to aid with hooping and speed up the process, especially when I am working on a project for profit. So many times I find my self taking these aids for granted.

Not long ago I had a request to embroider some bags and had assured the client that bags would be no problem at all. Once the bags had been delivered, I realized that the style of the bag was awkward and was not going to be cooperative. After a time of trial, error, pondering, and some head scratching, I pulled out the Quick Snap Hoops that are made for my Brother 6 needle machine. This system allowed me to effectively embroider an area of the bag that would not otherwise have been possible with conventional hoops. The bags were returned to a very happy customer, who was none the wiser to how their complicated job turned into an easy one.

The Quick Snap Hooping System works very effectively on a multitude of different types of projects. There are 7 different frames so I have been able to find just the right size or shape for so many different items. The clear windows (at least 2 for each frame) are designed to anchor the item to the frame, but I find that they make alignment and getting things straight an easy task.

I often get questions about the Quick Snaps so I thought that I would share some “need to know” info with you:

  • It is easiest to put the Quick Snap hoop that you intend on using onto the machine before the item to be embroidered is placed on the frame.
  • Before the item is on the frame, make sure that the design is located where you want it. With the frame on and empty, it is easy to see the machine’s needle location in the frame opening.
  • When the Quick Snap attaching bracket is on the PR650 (or previous models) the machine will think that the large frame is on.
  • You need to place the design so it will stitch inside of the Quick Snap frame. Warning: The Machine will not recognize your Quick Snaps.
  • Make sure to do a trace to confirm that the placement of the design is correct.
  • The flat magnet strips can be used to hold the stabilizer in place while you put the article on the hoop.
  • Use the Quick Snap Arm Extension to help aid in the support of these robust frames and the items you are embroidering.
If you want more information on what comes with the Quick Snap System, check out the video below to see how it works:

If you have Quick Snaps, I am sure that you love them as much as I do. I cannot even begin to think about all of the business projects that have become easier for me to do and how much my production time has sped up.

If you don't have the Quick Snap Hooping System or the Quick Snap Arm Extension, they can be found at all Quality Sewing stores—Don’t forget to use your Sew Fun discount!

-Reva Flood

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